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Jul 27, 2006 09:49 AM

Summer Savory from the CSA; ideas

I got a large bunch of summer savory from my CSA today. I haven't really cooked with this before. So I'm looking for recipes, preferably that use a fair bit of the herb; not 1 T finely minced :)!

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  1. I have a bunch growing and I've been enjoying it in vegetable saute's, in particular onions sauteed in butter, add fresh cut corn off the cob and a good bit of summer savory... this also worked it's way into corn fritters the next day... mmmmm.
    If you really want to use it up, why not play around with a savory pesto mix? It goes well with basil, and I imagine parsley too, but maybe it would be great all on its own? Then you could mix the savory pesto with the above mentioned sautee plus pasta, or use it in an omlet, or stuff it into a thick pork chop.
    No savory pesto for me because I finally hacked my bush down to a manageble size.
    P.S. I have another idea for you: summer savory butter. Chop it with lemon zest and mix it into butter to have for bread, lobster, whatever.

    1. One of my all time favorites is a green posole stew. I grow savory just for this. I don't have a recipe for how I do it, but it is a variation on one from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison and is also inspired from The Brite Food Shop in Manhattan (but they use mustard greens instead of savory.) Basically, it is a thick soup with onions, garlic, lime juice, scallions, serranos, canned hominy, a ton of savory and a great amount of fresh cilantro, garnished with cooked chorizo and sour cream. Make it as hot and sour as you can tolerate. I used canned hominy, being lazy in this heat, but if you are ambitious, starting with dried is the greatest way to go.

      1. Suzanne Goin in Sunday Suppers at Lucques has a great recipe for a pan-seared Halibut over fingerling potatoes that has a savory Creme Fraiche drizzled on top. I think there's also savory in the lemon salsa that goes with it