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Jul 27, 2006 08:20 AM

Lunch Deals in the Roslyn-Ballston Corridor

Between the high price of gas and a shaky economy, I need to be prudent with my cash flow...I’m looking for cheap/reasonable lunch deals in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.

At Whitlow’s they offer half-price burgers on Monday; likewise Ri-Ra does the same on Wednesday...and Facia Luna offers a great lunch deal every day of the week (two slices of pizza, salad and soda for under six bucks).

But the burgers and pizza are becoming a wee bit stale. Any other lunch deals to be discovered on the Wilson strip?


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  1. You're aware of the pollo places, right? Pollo Rico down on Kenmore, but there's one behind the mall (or used to be).

    Also a couple of places down at Pershing - kebabs and other such things.

    I'm a bit out of practice for that area, but even on drive throughs, many options still seemed open.

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      The one on Randolph Street, behind Ballston Mall, is Super Pollo. Better sides that El Pollo Rico - I eat at both regularly and am never disappointed. And so cheap!

    2. Pho at Pho 75 in Rosslyn.

      Matsutake for AYCE sushi in Ballston (not cheap, but value for your money).

      Another pollo place is Pio Pio (near Pollo Rico).

      Mr. Hibachi at Courthouse for ricebowls (Japanese and Korean).

      Spice of Life Cafe in Rosslyn.

      1. Read my series of articles about cheap eats in Arlington:
        I gereally state what time of day the special is for. And the older articles are listed to that last one.

        I recommend lunch at Cafe Tirolo (Italian/Austrian), El Pollo Rico, Kabob Bazaar's Tuesday lamb lunch special, tacos at El Charrito (takeout would be recommended), and pizza at Pizza Roma across from Ballston Metro (to name a few).

        Ooops....I better slip teh Faccia Luna lunch thing into today's article...since I wrote about them today. Thanks for the info.

        1. Kabob Bazaar is fantastic. All of it, but especially the daily lunch specials. Make sure you also get a pickled garlic appetizer (Seer Torshi) and a pot of tea. Everything is great and you should methodically work your way through the menu and specials.

          1. A great lunch place in the Ballston/Arlington area is Ravi Kabob - great kabobs, lentils, chick peas, and naan all at a decent price. Yum! 305 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203-3307 703 522 6666