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Jul 27, 2006 06:15 AM

Geary & 5th? What's for dinner?

Going to be over in that hood tomorrow night for an event. Wondering what sort of grub I might be able to grab beforehand. Not familiar with the hood at all. Up for anything chowish.

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  1. Burma Superstar is at clement and 5th... pretty sure on the 5th part. great burmese food. get the rainbow salad and samusa soup. one of the gems of the city.

    1. i personally have never understood the burma superstar hype. maybe i just always oreder the wrong thing? also be prepared to wait a very long time to get into burma. lots of hype, a tiny place and no reservations makes for very long waits

      i recently discovered le soleil a very reasonably priced and very yummy french-vietnamese place on clement and 3rd (give or take a block or 2). must order the steamed sea bass and green beans!

      1. I think that what you order does make a difference at Superstar -- I've had better luck sticking to the dishes on the menu that are marked as Burmese specialties, and really enjoyed them. (I'd second the rec's for samusa soup and rainbow salad, and add that the tea leaf salad is also good.) However, I seem to remember than people on this board more experienced with Burmese food than I am have said that it doesn't measure up, so YMMV. And the wait IS horrendous unless you're there super early.

        I'm not so sure I'd recommend Le Soleil -- when we first moved to the neighborhood it was pretty good, but the last couple of times we tried it the food was mediocre at best. Apparently others have had similar experiences:

        There's tons of restaurants on that stretch of Clement. One that we like is Spices! 2, on 8th and Clement -- Szechuan cooking by way of Taiwan, I think. They have a sister restaurant, Spices! 1, on 6th, which for some reason we've never been to, but I think is also good.

        Alternately, if you were looking for a slightly more upscale, new American fare kind of place, a couple of blocks in the other direction on 7th and Balboa is The Richmond -- a cute neighborhood restaurant. We've only been a couple of times, but the food was great on both visits, and prices are very reasonable for both food and wine.

        1. I've always enjoyed (Golden) Mandalay. I haven't been to Burma Superstar but heard that they serve similar food. Mandalay has some great samosas. I also really enjoy the tea salad, rainbow chicken and tea smoked duck. It's on California @ 6th Ave.

          1. Spices on 6th and Clement is totally insane. I suggest the numbing pickled cucumbers.