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Jul 27, 2006 05:02 AM

johny banana (review)

finally got a chance to try this relatively new mexican place. it's on bathurst just north of queen where azul used to be.

as has been mentioned, their beverage menu is extensive. neither my friend nor i are drinkers, so don't know if they have their license yet. but on the menu it's mentioned that all of their drinks can have alcohol added. i had a thick yogurt based one with coconut which i enoyed. my friend had a much lighter hibiscus drink which was nicely tart and very refreshing.

for mains, i had the carne asada burrito. it was tasty with the smokiness from the beef noticeable and the smooth avocada sauce had a nice amount of heat. the house greens served with most entrees was impeccably dressed with a light hibiscus vinaigrette. my friend had the vegetarian quesadillas with a filling made with spinach. the server noted the corn tortillas are made in-house.

they have a nice selection of desserts. we split the dulce tres leches. i've heard of the famed condensed milk-soaked cake dessert but this was the first time tasting it. well, it was sweet, luscious, and incredibly rich: all good.

we both enjoyed our meals. including coffees, tax and tip the whole dinner was just under $50. everything was obviously prepared with care and with the very reasonable prices i can't wait to go back to check out the rest of their menu.

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  1. Sounds like it was a great meal...can't wait to try it out!

    1. Their salads are good as well. Crappy location but you have to start somewhere.

      1. i've been and it's pretty good, they serve mostly flour tortillas though which is a little annoying. the second i saw the teeny corn tortillas i knew that they had to make them in house, lots of points.

        their drinks are very interesting and extensive, but as of about a month ago they were still without license... considering they've been opened for months now i'm not sure what was taking so long.

        they have this fantastic chipotle hot sauce that's all smokiness and spice. their mole is actually pretty good as well, better than some i've had for sure.

        i recall they did a special carne topped nachos one day and the plate was a massive pile that 4 people could not demolish.

        dying to go back for the mexican hot chocolate, something i missed out on from last time due to being full by the wonderful pork sandwich they have.

        1. Definitely a place I want to try. It sounds great.