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Jul 27, 2006 02:40 AM

Louisiana Fried Chicken (on vermont just north of the 101)

might be a chain but if so i can only think of two branches - one on vermont and one I THINK on crenshaw. any good? even if it's not stellar might be a nice alternative to popeye's or KFC i'm hoping...

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  1. There's one in LB, attached to a gas station on the corner of Wardlow and LB Boulevard. I prefer Popeye's. By leagues.

    1. there's also one in SD..... pretty good fried chicken. nice batter.

        1. I live in East Hollywood, very close to that "Louisiana Fried Chicken" across from LACC.

          It's deceiving. It's just a sign that says "Louisiana Fried Chicken." The chicken is nothing like anything from Louisiana, nor any southern state. I felt ripped-off. Don't even bother.

          They also serve Pizza and Chinese food in that establishment, but if the fried chicken isn't remotely genuine, I doubt that the pizza or chinese food would be worth it either.

          1. They're all over the South Bay and generally "connected" to some other small food place. I've been to a Lousiana Friend Chicken which also serves Chinese, another which also serves Pizza, and another that also service seafood. All of the "also serves" were bad. ONLY go for the chicken which I think is the best, cheap fast food fried chicken you can get anywhere.