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Jul 27, 2006 02:37 AM

need something filling but simultaneously healthy that i can chow on a regular basis(might be an oxymoron)

what and where do you hounds go for food like that? i'm talking no/low saturated/trans fats/cholesterol, bad stuff, but something more subsantial than salads and things of that ilk. i subsist on udon and soba but that only works half the time. how about fake meat/vegetarian chinese places? anything near downtown L.A. or chinatown that i can eat regularly to up my healthiness quotient? trying to save greasy ramen for weekends but failing too often ><

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  1. ooohh, udon and soba are super high carb...good in small amounts, but as subsistence, not very healthy at all.

    Try something with a lot of beans or lentils...mediterranian is good. Or just go to a raw, vegetarian or health food place.

    M cafe de chaya, literati II, jack Sprat's, Native Foods, Real Food daily all offer healthy alternatives, with way more than just salads.

    sashimi is also good in small quantities, if you watch to get pure sashimi and none of the fusion fried sauce covered sushi crap.

    For something a little more filling, I go to rahel Veggie ethiopian on Faifax.

    I hear that Homegirl Cafe in Boyle heights is good, they're planning to open one in Chinatown sometime.

    Gelson's has their own on-staff dietician, and she has designed several dishes you can get in the deli. Look for "Jessica's Favorites" in the deli-she has a special label on her prepped foods.

    Seriously, though, the way to up your healthiness quotient is to not eat out so much (I know, this IS chowhound, but it is the truth). Dining out is almost a promise of eating something high in oil, fat, sugar salt or a blend thereof.

    A good bowl of mixed greens and veggies topped with beans, lentils, fresh grilled fish or veggies and so on is not only a healthy dauly meal, but quite refreshing in thes hot days!

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      Exactly, I completely agree. Even the food at places like M Cafe can be quite oily -- that's why it's so tasty. If every restaurant posted their calories, you'd never believe it. Every single burrito at Baja Fresh, for example, has over 1000 calories.

      1. re: Chowpatty

        BUT, the baja ensalada with mahi mahi at baja fresh is tasty, extremely filling and is something like 300 some-odd calories (check their website). That's the one thing I'd recommend. I add a lot of pico de gallo, which is very lo cal.

        additional info added after checking website:
        Now it seems that they don't offer the baja ensalada with mahi mahi, but they do have mahi mahi tacos, so maybe it's just a matter of asking. Anyway, when they did list the baja ensalada with mahi, it had roughly the same nutritional info as the chicken version.

        1. re: kiwi

          Just ask them for the Baja Ensalada with mahi-mahi, even tho' it's no longer on the menu. They'll make it anyway. I just had it two days ago at my local Baja Fresh.

    2. I'll second the Jack Sprat's rec. Air baked fries, good sandwiches & salads.

      If you can't resist going to your ramen joints anyway, how about a summery, veggie-rich hiyashi chuka instead of ramen?

      Dunno what part of town you live in, but in my local Little Saigon restaurants, there's all sorts of light, flavorful, nutritionally well balanced dishes. Heck, the whole cuisine suits your needs.

      1. Ceviche or seafood cocktail at your local mexican shop. Goes nice with the 80 degree nights as well.

        1. you can eat healthy anywhere - it's just what you choose to order and eat. avoid bread, wraps and fried sides - all are really high in calories.


          james beach: one piece of bread, tuna tar tar and ceviche and it was great and filling. btw, their tuna tartar is so good! just a lump of tuna that is kind of spicy and very sesame flavored. the ceviche was great as well. really fresh and refresing.

          patina - one piece of bread, yellowtail appetizer & scallop main. really healthy meal (i think).

          eduardo's (socal burrito joint): i ate the chicken burrito but without the tortilla (b/c of the calories) and extra salsa.

          taco king: 2 carne asada tacos w/extra hot sauce. so good!

          burger king: i always have a whopper no meat no cheese no mayo. so, you have tomato lettuce and onion with ketchup - it's great. sometimes i get onion rings to put on top.

          pete's cafe: blackened chicken salad - i only eat the chicken and not the salad or dressing. it's great.

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