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Mexigo in Croton

Anyone tried it yet? The hype in the Journal News (for what that's worth) looked interesting!

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  1. Okay, we took the family to Mexigo tonight. Although it is clearly a take out joint, we sat at stools (even some little stools available for the kids) and ate there. The food was prepared quickly and curtiously. We tried a little bit of everything...

    Guacamole-very good and fresh
    Queso Frito-fried queso blanco without a coating was also very good.
    Side of beans-the usual black beans

    Then we shared 4 tacos (all soft corn)with different fillings. Carnita, Ropa Vieja, Tinga (spiced chicken) and Pescado. The ropa vieja was wonderful and the others were good and flavorful. Nothing too spicy. The vegetarian one is only rice and beans.

    We also tried an Arepa (which I am a big fan of) also filled with carnitas. The arepa was delicious, soft, with a slight crispiness outside. All these came with a choice of 4 salsas (salsa manolo, salsa verde, pico de gallo and salsa fresco)

    They were out of platanos and yuca fries which was disappointing...our favorite items usually.

    At the end we got shaved flavored ice for the kids. They have the ice shaving machine up front so you watch it being made.

    They also gave the kids foam animal hats, a real winner.

    We spent most of the hour talking to Craig Purdy, the owner. He is quite sociable and accomodating. Considering it's been open less than two weeks, we were quite impressed. Give it a try.

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    1. did they have mole on the menu?

      Strange they had arepas too... must have some non mexican things as - as far as I know - I've never seen an arepa on a mexican menu. Maybe they were really sopes, but called arepas because that was more familiar? Or, maybe they aren't sticking strictly to mexican. not that it is a problem, just seems out of the design since they said they wanted a oaxacan place.

      anyhow, thanks for the report. If I can ever get to that side of westchester, I'll have to check it out.

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      1. re: adamclyde

        No mole.

        I don't think the arepas were sopes. They were not bowl shaped, they were soft and they had whole corn kernels scattered throughout. However, I have about 1/10th the knowledge of latin/mexican cuisine compared to you, so I will always defer to your expertise.

        However, if I ever see mole negro within a 25 mile radius, you'll be the first to know.

      2. Where is this place? I've not seen it, but we've been crazy busy at work, coming home late. Thanks!


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        1. Since Northern Westchester is hotter than Mexico today, I decided to try Mexigo for lunch. Had the arepa with carnitas and salsa manolo, which was very good, and a side of refried beans, which were black and smoky and also very good.

          1. Stopped by today. Thought it was quite good. Tacos with spiced chicken and salsa fresca were delicious. Arepa with pork and salsa manolo was spicy and made us wish we had ordered more.

            Tiny place, very friendly service and seems the ingredients are very fresh.

            Will be back ...
            A welcome addition to Northern Westchester.

            1. I just tried Mexigo, as well. It was OK. I wouldn't go further then that. However, it is only take-out. There were several of us and we tried many things. I was told, the food was "authentic Mexican." The recipes came from family. Well, my mom is from Mexico and you wouldn't want to eat her meals. Recipes coming from a far away location does not always ensure quality or authenticity. I was wondering how is it that there is a Zagat's sign if it just opened. Most likey, we will be skipping that take-out place in the future.

              1. Went last night for takeout, got a beef and a chicken burrito, with sides of rice/beans, guac/chips, and platanos. Salsa fresca, which could have used more tomato (too much onion for our taste) and a bigger portion of salsa would be helpful for the larger burrito.

                Everything was fine, although not remarkable - platanos best. Burritos kind of dry (needed some veggies or something inside to juice things up). We always appreciate a new ethnic food opportunity in the Croton/Ossining area, so are happy to have them in the mix. Will go back and try the fish tacos (steamed, not fried, which is great for we waist-watchers) and other items in the future.

                Nancy C

                1. First time tonight. My wife and I each ordered chicken burritos. Have to agree that there is not enough salsa given. I got the Pico de Gallo. First Pico I have ever seen without tomatoes.

                  In a nutshell the burritos were blah!!!. Very bland and barely any chicken.

                  I thought by the description that the Ensalada Mexigo was a chopped sald of onion/tomato/cucumber. Was shredded iceberg with a few pieces of each aforementioned veggies.

                  The Sierra Grille restaurants in southern Connecticut blow this place away. Won't be going back to Mexigo.

                  1. Sounds like we should print this thread out and slip it under the door. I'm going to give them another try with the fish tacos, ask for (and expect not to have to pay for) extra salsa, and see what happens. Boy, that salad sounds sad... Hope you didn't drive too far for a dissapointing experience (re: your comment on Southern CT).

                    Bon appetit, wherever you eat!


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                    1. re: Nancy C

                      I have been to Mex-to-Go (current name for the original Mexigo) a few times. Have generally been happy with my orders. Was a bit disappointed today - mainly because of the salsa:

                      1) The salsa verde that was supposed to come with my burrito was missing. (Did not discover this until after I had driven the 10 miles to my workplace.)

                      I would chalk this up as an unfortunate mistake.

                      2) I did not like the Pico de Gallo. I may be wrong, but most of the recipes I have looked at state that diced tomato is included in Pico de Gallo, but what I received looked more like diced onions and cilantro. (Other recipes I have seen refer to Pico de Gallo as a fruit salsa, but what I received today fit neither definition.)

                      3) The price for the salsa seemed a bit high. Chips cost $1.00. Chips and Salsa cost $2.50. That means that I paid $1.50 for a very tiny cup of salsa (which I did not like). Would be interesting to know whether or not they charge if someone asks for extra salsa with their burrito.


                      1. re: orienteer

                        That is a crazy price for so-so salsa. Might as well drive down the road to Shoprite, pick up a bag of good chips there, and perhaps they have "fresh" salsa in the produce dept? I have the same complaint about the size of salsa sides... almost laughable! Food is generally satisfactory, otherwise...

                        From Wikipedia:
                        Pico de gallo (from Spanish, literally rooster's beak), is generally known as a fresh condiment made from chopped tomato, onion, and chiles (typically serranos or jalapeƱos). Other ingredients may also be added to the salsa, such as lime juice (or lemon ), fresh cilantro (leaf of coriander), avocado, cucumber, or radish. In some regions of Mexico, a fruit salad tossed in lime juice and sprinkled with a salty chile powder is also known as pico de gallo, while fresh salsa is better known as salsa picada, which means minced or chopped sauce, or salsa mexicana, because the colors red (tomato), white (onion), and green (chile) are the colors of the Mexican flag.

                        Pico de gallo can be used in much the same way as other Mexican salsas or Indian chutneys, but since it is less liquid, it can also be used as a main ingredient in dishes such as tacos and fajitas.

                    2. stopped by on friday. Arepas with pork were to-die-for.

                      1. I've been there twice, and found everything fresh
                        and very good. Simply, great Mexican street food.
                        Viva Mexigo!

                        1. I loved Mexigo, but unfortunately got terribly ill from something they used in their food (maybe a spice in the super-spicy house salsa, anyone know what's in it?)... I'll wait a while before returning.

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                          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                            Same experience here. I really want to like this place, though, and will try again.

                          2. Tried mexigo and like it. Needs a few things "ironed out" but it is a new restaurant.

                            1. Ok -I've given this joint 3 tries...and they are out. I think thay would do better concentrating on doing les things better. I don't find the ingredients fresh and also often not as indicated (a problem I find at Umami, too.) Mexigo was a nice idea, but it isn't achieving the quality we hoped for. Perhaps this little Umami/Pratt's empire has overstepped its bounds.