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Jul 27, 2006 02:07 AM

PDX: "The Deck"

Anyone heard of a place called "The Deck" that is sorta across from Salty's in a gated community (but open to the public)????

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  1. Never heard of it, and a google search only brings up On Deck - a sports bar/club in The Pearl. I'm trying to picture where "across from Salty's" might be. Could that mean across the Columbia?

    1. was told it was at marine drive and 33rd, so has to be on the oregon side...

      1. One of the girls at work has been raving about this place and begging us girls to go for happy hour. Great drinks and good food from what she says. Only drawback is not enough seating inside if it's a rainy day. Great seating on the deck from what I hear.

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          Ok, went there this evening; it's literally floating on the river, had drinks and appetizers, can't beat the setting on the deck. Refreshing change from the upscale Salty's. Gets very cool in the evening, but they even offer blankets to keep you warm. Nice addition to the oregon side of the river.

          1. re: randix

            How does one get there??? Exact Address
            What kind of Food ? Prices? Drinks? Happy Hour??

        2. it's at 2901 Marine Dr, beyond the gates of McSomebody's Marina.