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Jul 27, 2006 01:33 AM

sushi @ ryoko's

Dropped by Ryoko's last night. They had some nice stuff from Japan...

zuwaigani (snow crab)
uni (sea urch ) from tsukiji
iwashi (sardine)
engawa (halibut fin)
unagi (freshwater eel) i.e. not the pre-processed kind
shishamo (smelt)

The zuwaigani was awesome. It tasted like sort of like lobster, but better. Everything else was equally good... I need to either start writing these things down or stop drinking so much at dinner because everything else is a bit fuzzy. Actually, I need to learn some adjectives. "Lobster, but better." So fired.

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  1. How's their shishamo compared to Ino Sushi's (which I think is done very nicely (especially shishamo temaki...very toasty).

    Speaking of unagi, do you know if the local Japanese supermarkets that carry the $13.99+ shimantoh unagi (what prefecture is this from, any idea?) is worth the higher price compared to the frozen kinds from China?

    1. Hmm.. I'd have to rate Ino's shishamo as the winner, but that's just 'cause the shishamo at Ryoko's had less eggs in it... well, that and I like Ino's rice a lot.

      The webernets says that shimanto is in kochi-ken on shikoku.

      I'm not sure about the quality of the chinese stuff, I'm wary of it though... with the whole kimchi thing and then there was that toxic spill floating down I don't remember which river... Eh, most of the stuff I eat is probably grown in China anyway.