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Frastati Report

rtmonty Jul 27, 2006 12:59 AM

We had dinner last Friday night with friends who live about a block or so from Frascati. Had eaten in that neighborhood a number of times but never there. Turned out to be an excellent experiece.

It's a 3 floor place and we were seated on the second floor. There is also al fresco seating in front. Orderd a bottle of a very nice Spanish albarino (forget the name) while we waited for our friends. They showed up shortly and we enjoyed the wine and order some first courses. There was a gazpacho which our friend pronounced as being perfect, a chacruite (sp?) plate that was outstanding, duck rillettes, foie terrine, copra (again sp?), a wonderful tuna tartare, and a salad with rabbit rillettes. Everyone was overjoyed with their choices.

Entrees were duck breast with a hazelnut-sweet corn wild rice and morels, a pork tenderloin with Italian sausage, and halibut with clams in a broth. Again, everything was spot on. The only glitch for the evening was they brought one halibut and another tuna tartare when two halibuts had been ordered. Two plates quickly appeared and the first order was divided and another one appeared very shortly. Nobody left anything on the plate. I had bought a bottle of Artesa Reserve Pinot which they decanted without even asking and it went perfectly with everything. AS with most good places corkage was waived since we purchased another bottle of wine.

I knew from the board that Frescati was famous for their black and white bread pudding but they had a wonderful sounding blueberry tart and we only wanted one dessert to share. Well, our great server also brought us the bread pudding "on the house" since he had "screwed" up the entree orders. Both desserts were outstanding. It was one of the best bread puddings I've had since moving here.

OUr friends, who like I said live in the area, pronounced it "one of the overall best meals they've had in a LONG time." My wife and I also thought it was excellent. The one service glitch was quickly forgotten and our server was really delightful.

If you're looking for a neighborhood restaurant in an area where there are lots of them (it's at Hyde and Green), this is one to check out.