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Jul 27, 2006 12:44 AM

23rd street / 6th and 7th Avenue- What's good in the neighborhood?

We have moved to New York just this year and love to discover good, inexpensive neighborhood finds... We love RUB and East of Eighth and would like to find more great places like them to add to our "repetoire". Let's say within a 10 block radius...

Can't wait to see your suggestions... Thanks!

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  1. Hello, neighbor. I'm a newcomer to Chelsea (but not to the city), and am also trying to collect cheap but good joints. So far, I have La Taza de Oro, on 8th bet. 14th and 15th. Good Latin American diner food.

    Corner Bistro's not too far either. Don't go there starving, your stomach will eat itself before you get a seat.

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      Second or Triple or whatever. La Taz is amazing and an NYC Landmark(literally). I grew up on their food.

    2. I just ate at Le Zie last Friday. The price-quality ratio is remarkably good for tasty Venetian.

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        I am also a Le Zie fan. If the monkfish is still on the menu, order it ... Also, their salt-baked whole fish were really good years ago. Don't know if they still have it. Very pleasant dining experience. Seventh Ave. at 20th.

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          Also, Bar Veloce just up the street on Seventh from Le Zie for wines by the glass

          If you are under 30, Cafeteria and Elmo can be fun for the "hip factor," though the food is really not anything extraordinary.

          Mussels are good at Le Singe Vert. Never been impressed with anything else.

          Tour on Lower Eighth Ave. is a good place to "drop in" for a sandwich -- not haute cuisine in any way, though.

          (I see now after commenting that this is an old thread. Ooops!)

          Salumeria Biellese north of 23rd on Eighth is reputed to be a good place for deli sandwiches. They are also a retail salumeria. I'm headed there next week to pick up some speck.

          Tello -- everything seems to be made of garlic. Mare and Belle Vie on Eighth Ave. are good for watching the world go by only, not much else.

          Intermezzo is actually a good place for a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine. They have an inexpensive prix fixe menu, too.

      2. Grand Sichuan Chelsea--24th & 9th--is in the top rung of Chinese in Manhattan
        Red Cat--New American-- Somewhat more expensive than the other places, but well worth it
        If you like East of Eighth, you'll probably also like Intermezzo (inexpensive Italian) about 20th & Eight.
        Pars (28th St between 7th & 8th). Arguably the best Persian in Manhattan and inexpensive.
        El Quijote: very old fashioned (been there at least 50 years) Spanish in the Hotel Chelsea.

        1. Thanks guys! please keep them coming... we will try all... as for east of eighth, we loved the prix fixe menu, we thought it was a good deal for a nice decent lunch. we haven't tried them for dinner...we did try the grand sichuan at 9th and 23rd (twice!) and were dissappointed. Could you tell me what is good there? I know the other grand sichuan is supposed to be great, are they owned by the same person?

          Also, for the other neighbor newbie, i forgot to mention that we found a cuban "hole in the wall" on 8th (around 20th?), just south of cuba cafe (i am struggling to remember the name, but i will post it when i do) they serve sandwhiches, etc. found it on citysearch. (not the greatest site, but it helps)

          also, my stepdaughter loves rickshaws on i forgot to mention that sometimes we go to trailer park louge for the fun food...

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            At Grand Sichuan, stick to Sichuan and Hunan food only - no American-Chinese, Cantonese, of Shanghainese. I live in the East Village and go to the St. Marks location more often, nowadays, but I recommend the following (taken off the Grand Sichuan Int'l Chelsea menu at

            45. Sichuan Wonton W. Red Oil
            46. Sichuan Cold Noodle
            47. Dan Dan Noodle W. Chili Sauce
            48. Ox Tongue, Tripe W. Hot & Pepper Sauce
            50. Five Spiced Beef
            52. Beef W. Hot & Wild Pepper Sauce
            53. Beef Tendon W. Hot & Pepper Sauce

            Hmmm...Is the Cucumber with Scallion Sauce cold dish now "Cucumber with Garlic"? I've always liked the cold cucumber at this location as well as the Midtown and St. Marks locations.


            68. Kung Bao Chicken (on their American Chinese menu but a genuine Sichuan-style dish - even better with "Not Long Refrigerated" chicken)
            109. Braised Whole Fish W. Hot Bean Sauce
            111. Braised Whole Fish W. Scallion
            113. Smoked Tea Duck
            118. House Bean Curd W. Spicy Sauce and Minced Pork (I believe this is the English name they're giving for Mapo Dofu, unless that was 164. Bean Curd Family Style)
            123. Aui Zhou Spicy Chicken
            124. Crispy Quail
            145. Cellophane Noodle W. Minced Pork
            159. Sauteed and Dry String Beans W. Minced Pork
            171. Sauteed Duck & Bitter Melon
            174. Sour String Beans W. Minced Pork (I had this a few months ago, and it was a knockout!)
            175. Spicy and Sour Squid (another favorite)

            Don't get lunch specials, but do consider dishes from special menus like the Prodigal Daughter's menu (like the excellent spinach and ginger dish) and seasonal specials for Chinese New Year.

            The Midtown location is better, but if you like this kind of spicy, tasty food, you should get lots of enjoyment from the Chelsea location.

          2. The cheap and yummy Cuban hole in the wall is Havana Chelsea, 8th between 19th/20th...