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Jul 27, 2006 12:41 AM

Summer squash and paper towels - separated at birth?

As I was putting a new roll of paper towels in the holder I looked down and noticed the four summer squash my husband had brought home from the farmer's market. And you know what? In a blind taste test between summer squash and a couple of Viva paper towels, I would be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Both are without flavor, but at least the paper towels have some utility.

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  1. Are you kidding? Try a different vendor.

    1. This is certainly true of zucchini purchased in mid-winter at the supermarket, but fresh, farmers' market zucchini? It's to die for.

      1. Wow- glad I don't shop at your farmers market. I LOVE summer squash. Lightly steamed, with lots of S/P and a bit of lemon juice and butter. Not much better than that. I buy lots of small ones at my market, and have them for luch as long as I can find them. Did n ot include them in my garden this year, which was a big mistake. Definitely will grow them next year.

        1. I agree with the above posters. Good summer squash has a wonderful taste, Call me wierd but when i get the really good stuff the taste reminds me of very fresh shellfish.

          1. are you talking about yellow summer squash? if so i agree that it's flavor is sort of mild but i love it stewed with a little butter and onion plus salt and pepper. it is light and a regular staple in many deep southern homes. I remember eating it all the time as a kid at my grandparents house when it had just come in from their garden.

            But, if you cant tell the difference then stick with Viva towels. You can get them all year.