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Jul 27, 2006 12:07 AM

What are your recipe sources?

I inherited all of my grandma's recipes and have a large cookbook collection. I've also collected recipes since I was a kid and have binders full of handwritted, copied and clipped recipes. If I need recipe ideas I look online at allrecipes, epicurious, the food network or here!

How about you?

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  1. I have a huge library of cookbooks which I cull books from occasionally after much thought and deliberation but am always adding to anyway. I go to Epicurious frequently too. It just depends on what I am looking for. I do (and it does amaze me) tend to know just what is in my books and which book to look in but when I am just browsing for inspiration for a specific ingredient I often turn to Epi. It is quick and easy and sometimes jogs my memory and sends me back to a specific book or books

    1. Mom and my own imagination.

      1. Everywhere - my ever-expanding collection of cookbooks, the internet, my family and friends, restaurants I've eaten in, descriptions of foods and meals, movies and books.

        1. For my wedding, my mother put together a huge book of family recipes for my husband and I.
          Then, I have an ever growing collection of beautiful Japanese cookbooks, and a few American "must-haves."
          (Joy of Cooking, 2 books by Julia Child, 2 books published by CIA, etc.)

          1. The local newspaper is often a good source. Some have a request column for people who lost old treasured recipes. You get some recipes that aren't printed anywhere. Some aren't too sophisticated, but they're well loved recipes.