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Jul 26, 2006 11:52 PM

"Mom & Pops" in Koreatown


Years ago, my friends and I used to go to a Korean BBQ place called the "8th Street Restaurant," on the corner of 8th and Irolo in K'town. Simple Korean BBQ, much cheaper than Soot Bull Jeep, but just as good. We'd eat and drinks like kings...and would always leave for less than $20/person.

Sadly, the 8th Street Rest went out of business...some time ago.

I'd love to find another table-top BBQ joint (with the big bottles of Hite!) that isn't as pricey as SBJ...but similar in vibe.

Please advise.

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  1. manna perhaps? $15 AYCE and they serve big bottles of hite, OB and soju.

    1. shik do rak, it's better than manna & soot bull jeep