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Jul 26, 2006 11:51 PM

Fiamma or Kittichai? Also open to other Soho suggestions

I'm looking to try somewhere I haven't been, so I came up with these two. Help me decide which to try, or offer other suggestions if you don't like these places.

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  1. I've been to each only once, but I think the food is much better at Fiamma - maybe stop by Kittichai before or after for a drink.

    1. Don't know about Kittichai, but thought the food at Fiamma was fantastic. That said, the service was rude and really put a damper on the evening. When my husband asked a simple question about the wines, the sommelier rolled his eyes and got condescending. We also got seated by the swinging kitchen doors even though the restaurant was practically empty. I won't go back. Ever.

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        That's terrible - I remember the service as being decent - no problems. A condescending sommelier is the worst!

      2. Although it gets a lot of flack on this board, I really like Kittichai. The room is beautiful, drinks are fun, and the food is excellent. Is there a better upscale Thai in the city?

        We're actually sending friends from out of town there tonight to celebrate their engagement.

        1. Kittichai was a little too loud and definitely trendy (which I guess is par for the course in that neighborhood), but the chocolate baby back ribs appetizer was unforgettable. Not the most amazing food I've ever had but I would go back - service was good, food was decent, had two excellent mixed drinks. I just saw they do a $20 prix fixe lunch - might be work it to try that since it won't be a huge loss if you don't love the place.