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Jul 26, 2006 11:12 PM

Punctuation in my username

I just got back to the US after a month abroad, so today I tried registering for this site using the name I've used on chowhound since 2001, Dave M.P. It seems like the registration worked, and I got my email confirmation, but when I followed the link, something got messed up, and I never successfully logged in... I just glanced through a bunch of names on several boards and noticed that no one else has any periods or other punctuation in their usernames... so I decided to register again as Dave MP using my other email... and here I am. My question is, is it correct that I can no longer use the name Dave M.P.? I would prefer to stick with that, since that's been my name for 5 years, but if not, it's not too big a deal to switch and use this one... I already emailed the about this, but I thought I'd post here too...


Dave M.P. (or possibly Dave MP)

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