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Jul 26, 2006 11:08 PM

di Fara's best time to visit?

Ok, we finally made it out there. But it took FOREVER to get our pizza. We went on a Saturday at 4:30pm, and we were out of there close to 2 hours later. And yes, it was worth it. Even though it was 100 degrees in the restaurant and raining outside and we had a baby with us. For the sake of the baby, when can we go and eat without it taking 2 hours?

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  1. I only go if I have a random day off during the week, and I'll go at like 2:30 or 4:30. Probably showing up very early (11:00) or very late (9:30 on a weeknight) would also work.

    1. I was there today, walked in at 1:45, maybe 10 people in the place. Ordered two pies and had the first one at 2:05 and the second just as we finished the first. We walked out by 2:30. I always suggest mon to thurs from 1:30 till 3:30.Not the most convienent time frame but it is always easy to get a pie at those hours. It was way over a hundred degrees in there today.

      1. Not really a good time to go, but more of a lucky time to go. I have been on Saturday at noon and waited 5 minutes I have been on Tuesday at 2 and waited 20.

        1. during the week they sometimes don't open until 12. or so it was this past monday.

          i'd also say that the first or two pies of the day can be less than awesome, so if you get there early, get one slice, eat slowly, and go back for a couple more.

          1. If you can get a few people together, call ahead and order a whole pie so it'll be ready when you arrive. I went to school near DiFara's and found late afternoon (around 3ish) to be a good time in general, but there will never be a time that the place is slow/empty.