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Jul 26, 2006 10:53 PM

Cafe, dessert, or anything noteworthy near Solana Beach (SD) after 9pm

Hi! I'm meeting up with a friend (Sacto chowhound) who is in San Diego for the weekend and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for places around Solana Beach (where she's staying) that we could hang out at on a Friday night after 9 pm. While I love San Diego, my only complaint is that everywhere but downtown closes early!

I'd take her to Chuao, but they're all closed by 9. Any cafes or even somewhere where we could grab a little something to eat would be great!


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  1. There is a new restaurant called Blanca in Solana Beach. The desserts are excellent. You can sit at the bar have a drink and dessert.

    1. Late night coffee/dining in SD => nearly impossible.
      If you have a car and don't want to drive to far I would recommend to drive to The Livingroom in La Jolla on Prospect which isn open until 12-1am on Friday. Good coffee and also something to eat. In addition, it is nice to go to the seals in the night when it cools down.

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        A new izakaya called Yume-ya (in Leucadia, north of Solana Beach), is scheduled to open on the 15th of August. Though specifics are not yet set, they are planning on being open generally until 11pm, and until 12pm on weekends (which I interpret as Friday and Saturday nights)...

        They are opening up in the old location of Wakei. Izakaya's are Japanese restaurant/pubs, and specialize in ippin-ryori, which are small plates, somewhat akin to a Tapas bar... Most of the dishes at such places are meant to complement beer and sake, so are usually focused on salty or savory tastes.

        This particular izakaya will specialize in what they say will be the largest collection of sake available in Southern California... Looking forward to checking out this interesting opening!

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          cgfan, been waiting for this place! Thanks for the date!

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            Gladly! I only wish it would open up sooner, but I guess the best comes to those who wait!

      2. nobu for sushi on 101. ask for ike

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          You know, I have to agree now. Since we have been going to Nobu, Nobu-san always does omakase for us no matter what. It's getting tiring and rather expensive. I don't know a good way to tell Nobu-san that we would like to just orderd instead of omakase all the time without offending him. I have even tried showing up without reservations, secretly hoping to be seated in front of Ike, but alas as soon as Nobu-san spots us it's all over. At this point I am looking forward to trying some other places like Kaito and the new izakaya that cgfan mentioned in the posting above. Even willing to give Tomiko another whirl. I really miss Matsuoka so much!

        2. "Late night coffee/dining in SD => nearly impossible."

          Aaaah, it's great to have someone agree with my sentiments.

          Thanks for the suggestions. I've actually never heard of Blanca but it looks very interesting. Too bad she doesn't like raw fish b/c Nobu is right by her hotel. We might just end up heading to La Jolla, but if we do go to Blanca I'll definitely report back.

          Thank you!!!

          1. I am very curious about Blanca - it's where I'd go if I were in your shoes. If you went, let us know how it was!


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              I unfortunately didn't get to Blanca this weekend. Friend drove from Sacramento and got here too late... I'm curious though.

              I did, however, finally go to MODUS this weekend and it was great!!! They had Nathan's amazing French onion soup (that they also serve at Michele Coulon's) that I got my friend's hooked onto. Good, reasonable wine list & they also serve desserts there from Michele Coulon. A group of us ordered wild alaskan salmon, short ribs, new york steak, and a duck entree that was really great... it opens late though (til 2am??) and the DJ started cranking up the music around 10ish. I really enjoyed it and was wondering if anyone else has been there yet. :)

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                Oh sorry Alice Q, I just saw that you recommended Modus on another thread. What did you think? Anything else I should try?

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                  I actually haven't been to Modus yet - I just recommended it based on word of mouth and the location. Glad to hear you liked it! I am hoping to go soon with some girlfriends. Sounds like you had a fun night out!