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Jul 26, 2006 10:40 PM

Good/Fun Place to Eat in Cambridge....Any Suggestions?

I have a friend going off to graduate school in Cambridge and I wanted to give him a gift certificate to a cool place with good food...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. To feed how many people, for how much money?

    1. I want to get a gift certificate for at least $100, he has a favorite place out there but they don't do gift certificates online or on the phone. I guess it would be for one person unless he has others come with him.

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      1. re: T Y

        My picks for you to check out:

        East Coast Grill
        Central Kitchen
        Chez Henri
        EVOO (actually Somerville, but a 10 min. walk from Harvard's campus)

        They are more or less in the order of (my perceived) upscale-ness. ECG is pretty casual, Central Kitchen and Chez Henri are probably the coolest. Oleana and EVOO could be good date spots, but I've eaten at the bar solo more than once at both places.

        I don't have personal experience yet at Conundrum in Harvard Square, nor Om (only drinks) but those would be worth checking out too.

        Looking back - and not as convenient to Harvard (in Kendall near MIT - is the Blue Room which I'd add as well.

        1. re: T Y

          What's the favorite place that does not do gift certificates?

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            i forget how to spell it but i think it's something like Chau least that's what it sounds like, not spelled like though.

            1. re: T Y

              Cuchi Cuchi, maybe? It's a pan-European small plats place near Central Square.

          2. re: T Y

            That gives you some leeway. Some of my current favorite sit-down places for a celebration: Rialto (easily the swankiest of my list), Green Street Grill, Tamarind Bay, Craigie Street Bistro, East Coast Grill, Dali, The Helmand, OM, Salts, and the Rendezvous.

          3. Don't forget Gargoyles in Davis Square. It's not right next to Harvard. But I think the food, decor and service are excellent for the price.

            1. I recommend East Coast Grill - just ate there last week, and it was awesome. And a fun atmosphere also.
              Oleana and Chez Henri are excellent choices also!

              1. gotta go with central kitchen, chez henri, or east coast, not necessarily in that order. gargoyle's, in my opinion, has gone downhill a bit in the past couple of years. rendezvous, at this point, is doing better food than steve's previous digs, the blue room. i've had a couple of really memorable meals there, but it's not as romantic as chez or central. east coast not really romantic at all (are we going for that?) but the food and drinks are unquestionably kickass.