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Jul 26, 2006 10:19 PM

Anyone been to Peridot on Bloor east?

Just noticed this and I think it underwent the restaurant makeover thing and the menu is focusing more broadly on Mediterranean offering rather than just Greek (which is what the previous Ithaca was, and it's still the same owners I believe).

It's close by where I work and I'm wondering if it's worth checking out....

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  1. We went to Peridot in late June. The service as good as was the food. I had the lamb which was delicious. Martinis were great. Priced very reasonably. We will definitley return.

    1. I had dinner there three weeks ago. The service was outstanding--I mean, it was probably in my top 5 of experiences in Toronto. Our server could not do enough for us. The space is enormous and airy.

      Unfortunately, the food was just okay. We shared a decent taramosalata and lovely grilled pita. Sadly my lamb chops were unpleasantly fatty, and the accompanying vegetables were drab. Overcooked broccoli and snow peas (!) along with some other vegetables, but the potatoes were just weird. I think they were going for lemon potatoes, but they tasted of iodized salt.