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Jul 26, 2006 10:17 PM

juicing a watermelon?

Can I put it in my juicer? I don't know why it seems like that wouldn't work. Any other suggestions?

Also, does it come out pink or does it just look like water with a pink tint?

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  1. it totally works, though if you just stick in in the food processor, you'll get a coarser texture and bits of pulverized seed--i prefer it that way

    the color is watermelon colored (which depends on how lucky or not you were in your watermelon selection)

    rose water (f/k/a freddie)

    1. For a seedless watermelon, I cube the chilled watermelon (pink part), put it in a pitcher and take a stick blender to it. Squeeze in some lime, and sip through a straw. Because a watermelon is mostly water, the "pulp" adds some texture but isn't "chunky." I don't know if the texture/end product would be the same if put through a juicer, and haven't tried the stick blender with a watermelon with seeds.

        1. Oh, my FAVORITE juice in the world is a combination of watermelon and pineapple, done in a juicer. To juice just watermelon by itself, you'll get a pinkish watery liquid that's mildly sweet (like watermelon is).

          1. Yum! watermelon juice on a hot day is the bomb.