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Jul 26, 2006 09:55 PM

Sarita's in Vienna (the Old Anita's)

This was Barnaby's for a bit, then changed to Sarita's a mexican/salvadoran place. had an exceptional lunch there today - enchilada combo with fajita meat, one chicken, one beef. all of the ingredients were extremely fresh - from the diced onion, tomato and jalapeno's in the enchilada filling to the half of an avocado on the side. the meat was tasty and very lean. i disregarded the deep red sauce that came on top - it had a heavy odd sweet flavor that I didn't think worked at all. i'm not that familiar with traditional salvodoran food, maybe it's standard - but the enchiladas were delicious without. and the rice and beans and chips and salsa passed the litmus test with flying colors. i'm anxious to go back and try their pupusas.

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  1. I know there was a Sarita's in 'downtown' Falls Church City that I think moved to another Falls Church location, Lee Hwy next to Magruder's. I wonder if they moved again or opened up a new location...

    1. oh're right, I never made the connection. in fact I posted 6 months ago or so inquiring about the Saritas on Graham Rd. in Falls Church. that one appears much bigger than the one in vienna, which maybe has 8 tables. interestingly, both are right next to a Magruders. they must be related.

      1. I tried the tamale and papusa. The papuse was nice and had a nice texture to it. The tamale was a bit dry and a little disappointing.

        1. Maybe that ketchup-like red sauce is a Salvadoran thing. I tried the place in Arlington that used to be Ollie's Trolley on the ravings of a poster here and found the food to be tasty except I didn't care for that sauce.

          I didn't make the connection with the place around the corner from Magruder's either, but I'm not very good with names. I had a so-so dinner at the Vienna place not too long after they opened. I prefer the Chinese place across the street (East Chateau) but there was a whole new crew of servers last time I was there, though the food was still pretty tasty.

          1. Hmmmmm . . . . I'm having a vision (probably can confirm it on Sunday if my memory lasts that long).

            Isnt the old Anita's in Vienna Pearlita's, not Sarita's? Or has it changed yet again when I wasn't looking?