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Jul 26, 2006 09:53 PM

Went to Saffron for Restaurant Week

The wife and I went to Saffron for Restaurant Week

I don't see what the fuss is. Had the "new style" white tuna sashimi with miso reduction. Boring. The 4-cheese ravioli with truffle oil was good, but where was the cheese? For entrees, we ordered the steak frites and the sirloin steak w/ potatoes au gratin.

Both steaks were marinated to the point where no discernable beef flavor remained and the flavor of the marinade dominated. The potatoes au gratin were underdone.

The rosemary garlic frites were amazing though.

Desserts: The banana spring roll was good with a crunchy crust and a delicious and a delicious coconut caramel sauce. The creme brulee was piss poor--picture, vanilla Jello gelatin with a crunchy sugar topping.

Our waiter was sweet, our server was annoying, and the timing of the meal was off.

Overall, what's the fuss folks. While I can attribute the shortcomings of the service to Restaurant Week, I can't for the food. These are fundamental flaws in the preparation of the food that made the experience mediocre.

Am I missing something?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I enjoyed the steak frites and love the white tuna. I think appetizers there are amazing.

      1. My husband and I went on the last Friday in June. We arrived at 8 p.m. to find the place 2/3 empty. Eeek. Our server was timid and clueless. We ordered a salad (unmemorable), the incredible foie gras app, a good corn soup and our entrees. He asked if he should bring soup/salad/app all at once! NO.

        The wine list is way too spendy for the menu with only a couple of around $30 choices at the low end before jumping to almost $50. The wine bucket the server brought to the table had a merchandise sticker slapped sideways on it from the place they bought it! Class, people.

        My husband's steak tasted of vinegar marinade and overpowering spice rub. I had the tuna, which was barely seared (I like the contrast between sear and raw), leaving a huge chunk of quivery red. The pad thai wasn't bad. The cucumber salad was one mile-long mandoline-sliced pile, making it awkward to eat. And tell me--why was there a heap of sushi-style bright pink pickled ginger the size of a small child's fist?

        We didn't feel compelled to order desert.

        1. I also went the last week of June and did find the place mostly empty.... We had a different opinion of the food.

          Foi gras - amazing, really my first try, but WOW. Sublime. The duck spring roll was very good, but I ddint feel it was special. I had the halibut with risotto and pea cream sauce. Perfectly cooked fish, excellent accompaniments. My boyfriend had the pork which was also great. A really nice combination of flavors and gorgeous presentation. We were full and had no room for dessert. Wine was pretty good for the relatively low price. All in all, I am glad I finally got to experience an Edward Kim restaurant after hearing all of the chow hoopla. Maybe a tasting menu -- can anyone give some details? Thanks

          1. I've had the cioppino and the pork on my two trips -- both were sublime. Katy had the tuna mentioned above and the rack of lamb. What I tried was delicious, although I'll admit that the tuna was my least favorite of the four entrees.

            We've had the quatro formaggi ravioli, the mango calamari and the grilled stuffed quid orange coconut curry appetizers. All were wonderful, although the latter two are better values.

            I'm with foster -- Saffron is a delight. Perhaps not a perfect delight, but great nonetheless.