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Jul 26, 2006 09:36 PM

Omelettry Cafe; Migas and Chilaquilles in Brookline Village

It's a sad thing when you spy a hidden little NEW restaurant, just as you're walking out the door, after a filling lunch at another one...Galleymom and I had just had lunch at Family Restaurant, she had a felafel sandwich, more herby and softer balls, but full of salady things, I had the four appetizer sampler...The eggplant pancakes (Yum!), lentil kibbe(or whatever they're called), eggplant salad, and stuffed cabbage leaves. The cabbage leaves weren't all that, but the heap of Shepherd's Salad in the center were an unexpected bonus...

But right across the street, in what used to be a teeny salon, or something, I see, written on the window, hippy-style, "The Omelettry Cafe" "Tex-Mex, Quesadillas featured in Southern Living magazine"...I stowed mom in the car, and raced over...

Inside, the earthy-coffee house style continued, but they really got it right. A long narrow space, with chalkboard menu, and low lighting, that looks like it's been there for 30n years. Totally inviting.

It might be a coffee house, it might be a breakfast place(til 3 everyday!!), but the owner, Artie (i think) came from Texas, where his quesadillas were featured in, you guessed in, Southern Living...So, the breakfast til 3 features the basics, breakfast burritos, creat-an-omelet, and South of the Border specials...Huevos Rancheros, Migas, Chillaquilles, (I haven't had the last two, but I know people are always looking...), nopalitos, huevos guisada, etc...If you're looking for them, you know what they are..

Then, they have a smoothie bar. And a page of Mexican combination plates. And about 15 "nuevo" Quesadillas. And salads. AND A BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM BURRITO PAGE!!!!!!!!

Really, I'm so excited, this is killing me. Not even I had enough stomach room to take one for the team, but with shrimp and crab as one of their burrito choices, I may make room by tomorrow...Will this menu be too ambitious? If it's even edible, the place is so instantly comfy, it's a lock.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I'm on my way with the rest of the ss.

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    1. re: chuck s

      I dunno, they look like Democrats...;)

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        Bummer! They closed at 6, I arrived at 6:45. Wound up at the Family Restaurant.

    2. The Phoenix reviewed it last week:

      Short version: delicious, but go for the core Tex-Mex offerings; there is a wide range of menu options but the Tex-Mex is what really shines.

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      1. re: maryv

        Thanks for the link; I missed last week's phoenix...I was all about the Mexican stuff; can't wait.....

      2. Nice! Just sent out the email to the girls... making plans for Sunday brunch.

        When I lived in Austin there was an Omelettry. I wonder.

        I'm one of the ones always looking for Migas. Had it at Cottonwood recently but it was off of a function menu.

        Hopefully I'll have a report next week.

        1. Tried the migas for breakfast today - I liked them, but have almost no point of reference (maybe had migas once years ago). Big plate of food, heaps of migas, potatoes, and beans, with a couple of tortillas, served with a nice green salsa (with a little kick). $7.95, I think. Good coffee, too. They're working out some kinks - I was served the wrong thing, but the owner quickly came out and swapped plates, no problem. I talked with him - he says this is his 7th restaurant, having opened places in Hawaii, Austin, TX, and the somewhere on the Cape. He's opened places both named the Omelettry and Arturo's (?). Anyway, funky place, very small (I suspect weekend brunch there will have some long waits), menu looks extensive. They not only do lots of southwestern and tex-mex, but also have a whole bunch of sandwiches. I'm looking forward to trying the quesadillas.

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            Friend and I had the migas there for breakfast yesterday and I thought they were good. Hmmm, didn't get the salsa on the side mentioned above though and I was thinking they could have used just a little more heat. Anyway, I'm like you and don't have a frame of reference, but I thought they were good. Nice taste and texture with very very mild heat from the chilies in them and piping hot. I liked the refried beans, which had more flavor than they do most places. Hearty breakfast/brunch that was perfect on a chilly day. Service friendly but still learning. Nothing major, but reading above there is that missing salsa and having had my coffee earlier at home I ordered a diet coke instead, which was only filled up to several inches below the top - not just "not filled all the way" but a noticeably much lower than it should have been. But when I asked the waitress to please fill the glass a bit more, she took it very nicely and in fact gave me some extra. We got there in time to be almost finished before it got really full, which may have helped. I'd happily have the same for breakfast again, would like to try some of the other breakfast options, and will go back to try some of the tex/mex for lunch. Reviews eveywhere seem to say to stick with tex/mex and breakfast there, which works for me.

          2. Okay, I think there is something wrong with me that I am THAT excited over your post! The Austin Omelettry is great. I forwarded your review to my friend and we both cannot wait for Sunday morning.

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              A friend of mine asked the guy who owns the place if it was related to the Omelettry in Austin, and the guy said it was not. But still... migas! Yum!