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Jul 26, 2006 09:11 PM

Eats near UNLV

I will be in Las Vegas for a basketball tournament the weekend of August 10-12. Any suggestions for family dining near UNLV for both lunch and dinner where there isn't a crazy wait? We will have a group of 20 and can drive within a reasonable range. Any type of cuisine is OK. Thanks!!!

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  1. I think you will want to make a reservation almost anywhere with that large a group. UNLV is pretty close to the strip, and the restaurants, even the casual ones, can get crowded.

    Hofbrauhaus is near UNLV...reproduction of Munich beer pretty much what you would expect, but not bad (wurst, pretzels, etc). Very kid friendly and live music every night. Firefly is a smaller restaurant, where they serve tapas...kind of a hipster hangout late at night, but pretty family friendly earlier. There is a Metro Pizza near UNLV; many people like it the best of the pizza in LV, and this is a nicer sit down restaurant, not just a pizza place. Also relatively close to UNLV is a Cuban restaurant, Cuba Cafe (near the Liberace Museum).
    Are there limits on what your group will eat? There are a fair number of ethnic restaurants in the area, but I never know if that is compatible with family dining....

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      Thanks for your reply. Our group is a mix of Korean, Japanese, amd Chinese so we are pretty adventurous when it comes to ethnic foods. Any ethnic recommendations for a party this big?

    2. An offbeat idea: Magura, a Bulgarian restaurant that is spacious and usually not too busy. I think they'd be accomodating about arranging a big group get-together. I haven't been there since I went twice on the trip chronicled here:

      The fact that the place has an adjoining pizza place might work well if you have kids in your group.

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