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Jul 26, 2006 09:00 PM

Anything to eat in Wichita Falls area?

I'm heading to Wichita Falls for work in a couple of weeks and I'm hard pressed to find much talk of decent eats in that area of the state. Does anyone have any suggestions in Wichita Falls or any of the surrounding areas?


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  1. I used to live in Wichita Falls, but haven't really been there much since 2000, but I have a friend who goes there regularly and she agrees with me that you are best served sticking with McBride's Steakhouse and the Bar-B-Que joints. She did hear that there's a new locally-owned Greek place downtown, and she remembers a greasy taco joint downtown that was good, she just can't remember the name. You'll have to ask around.

    Hope you aren't looking for beer or alcohol, no bars. There's some around, but very hard to find.

    Oh, and it's also usually 5-10 degrees hotter there than anywhere else in Texas.....goood luck.

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    1. re: bribeck

      The trip got pushed back to November. I'm glad I wasn't going in that heat.

      Boo no alcohol. Are there liquor stores? Can we bring our own to dinner?

      Thanks for the suggestions. Can you name the BBQ places to go to and those to aviod?

    2. Could you name the BBQ joints?


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        If bribeck meant the bbq joint owned by the McBride family, that would be Fat McBride's on Southwest Parkway. Other commonly praised Wichita Falls barbecue joints include Ireland's (which changed ownership in the recent past and has, from what I've heard, fallen off; carry-out only), Stanley's (better for their beanie burger than their barbecue, though their chopped beef sandwich is good; decent curly fries), Branding Iron (where the barbecue can be shaky, but at least you get free peanuts), and Circle H (in Burkburnett, with decent barbecue, but very good hot rolls that come out fresh throughout the meal). I've never had great barbecue in WF. But if you find yourself in a town like that, you make do with what you've got.

        Good luck.


        1. re: Scott

          Scott. It sounds like you know the food in the area. Are there places around you can recommend which aren't bbq?

          1. re: bcooperman

            A trustworthy local might be able to steer you towards something good. But my luck in Wichita Falls has been pretty poor.