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Jul 26, 2006 08:55 PM

A Burger A Day

For no real good reason, possibly other than self abuse, I've decided to have a burger for lunch each day this week.

I work near the King Street Metro, and have been (and will continue) allowing that to play a role in restaurant selection. On Monday, I went to the Hard Times Cafe on King Street, inadvertently taking advantage of their Half-Priced Burger Mondays deal. Yesterday, I went to Ted's Montana Grill, inadvertently taking advantage of nothing in particular. Today's burger came courtesy of the Five Guys on Fayette Street.

While I'm not making an effort to find Alexandria's best burger, if I had to rank the three thus far, it'd be the Ted's New Mexico bison burger followed by the Hard Times bacon cheeseburger followed by the Five Guy's cheeseburger.

I've got my meal for tomorrow picked out, as I'll be walking over to the Majestic Cafe, but I'm having trouble coming up with Friday's candidate. I don't know the area exceedingly well, but I have to assume there's a better option than Ruby Tuesday's somewhere within walking distance. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. How much did Ted's Bison Burger set you back?

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    1. re: johnb

      A little over $10. Easily the most expensive, but the price does include fries and/or onion rings (you can get both), and the burger is much larger than either of the other two I've had so far. Ted's no-frills, cow-beef cheeseburger would probably be comparable, pricewise, to Five Guys, assuming you got Five Guys fries. If you're shooting for bang for the buck, though, it'd be tough to beat the $3.68 bacon cheeseburger, with a big pile of fries, that you can get at Hard Times on a Monday.

    2. Doesn't King St. Blues have decent burgers?

      1. Either Chadwick's or Southside would have a very good burger.

        1. It could be a longer walk that you want, but the beer burger at Union Street Public House might fit the bill (especially if it's as good as their Surf 'n' Turf and chicken salad sandwiches).

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          1. re: gina

            Union Street Public House sounds like a good choice, and in nicer weather I'd have no qualms about making the walk. Today, however...

            Let's just say that the sun-drenched waddle back to work from the Majestic Cafe yesterday, after completely overloading on food (I went with soup and dessert in addition to the burger and fries), was about the most uncomfortable 20 minutes I've had to deal with in a long time.

            Given how much I hate the heat, it's possible that I've chosen the wrong time of year to repeatedly take long walks and eat greasy mounds of beef, covered in cheese and served alongside piles of deep-fried potatoes.