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Jul 26, 2006 08:40 PM

Downtown San Diego

Need good lunch-date place in or around Gaslamp ASAP.

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  1. I always think Dobsons is good for lunch.

    If you want to make sure you have a quiet place to talk and conduct business, the cafe at the Westgate Hotel is very good.

    1. I second Dobson's. I always recomend it for date lunches. Make sure you don't miss the mussel bisque with puff pastry top.

      1. Dobson's--very good.
        Athens Market--very good Greek food.
        Not sure of your age, but Yard House has decent food, good music, nice artwork (I know the artist) and an ambience that will take the edge off, particularly on a first date.

        1. Cafe Cerise is my favorite lunch date destination. Great food, and very calm and relaxed atmosphere. Menu changes daily, so always inventive meals with a French flair.

          I'm kind of partial to Cerise in general, but I've been there for lunch many times and never been disappointed. I can't imagine going to the Yard House for any kind of date, but I'm not a fan of places with TVs and loud music blaring. On dates I like to talk, and the mellow traditional jazz at Cerise offers a soothing conversational backdrop.

          Check out the lunch menu - you'll see what I mean.

          1. Yard House caters to a business crowd at LUNCH time and is a bit mellower than the evening hours. Also depends on age of poster--if they are in 20's or early 30's and like most people in SD this is definitely a more casual option...if they are older, into heavy French cuisine, or want to get romantic (something I save for a 2nd or 3rd date), no doubt Cerise might be a better choice--though I'd still opt for Dobson's in this case which offers a more mainstream menu that appeals to me--but that's just me.

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              That's good to hear that lunch isn't so raucous. I like the beer selection - I've just always found the place way too crowded and noisy. I'm actually mid-30s myself, but I tend to prefer quiet places.