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Jul 26, 2006 08:22 PM

belle isle seafood in winthrop

does anyone know if they also serve fresh fish by the pound, for cooking at home? if so, what's the quality like?

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  1. They do but I can't attest to the quality. They are in East Boston in the Winthrop line.

    1. I was there about a month ago. It is primarily a fish market and they had a large selection of fresh fish. Looked pretty good. Their lobster roll is great....but the other fried seafood and sides were horrible.

      Good Luck!

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      1. re: Science Chick

        I was there a few weeks ago, and the fried seafood was super tasty. I wonder if it depends on the fry cook for the day?

        We split a mixed plate (haddock, scallops, clams) and got a side of fried calamari. Everything was sweet, tender, and really fresh, and the batter was nice and light but with an actual flavour. Not greasy, either- whoever was frying that day knew what they were doing. The tartar sauce is really good, too- nice and dill-pickley.

        Is Belle Isle hit or miss, or did we have an usually good experience?

      2. As part of the Lobsta Safari I went down to Belle Isle to check things out. Lobster role was large with a lightly toasted bun - there were grill marks on the bun but it wasnt really toasted. Light on the mayo. Didnt much care for the one leaf of iceberg used an a mositure barrier between the lobster and the bun. All claw meat but lots of it and for $15 w/ fries it's a very good deal. Not the best but pretty good if you're in the area. On the night I was there, they had a salmon special both cooked and in the ice case. The salmon didnt look great but other items looked very fresh. It appears to be popular with the local cops so it cant be too bad.

        1. I got a bad lobster there once. Tasted like ammonia. They do have a selection of fresh fish, but not a huge one. For fried, I go to Royal near Orient Heights on Bennington.

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          1. I have been eating at Belle Isle Seafood for years. Their fish is consistently fresh and delicious. I used to work in the seafood industry in Boston and can honestly say Belle Isle buys fish from some of the best sources for fresh seafood.