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Jul 26, 2006 08:14 PM

Firefly or MiniBar in Studio City for BDay dinner?

I'm looking for someplace HIP and FUN to spend my birthday next week and would love to hear your recommendations. What do you think of Firefly or MiniBar? If not at either of those spots, where on Ventura Blvd would you spend your big day?

I was thinking about Max, but don't want to feel too squished in...

Thanks in advance hounds - I value all of your opinions more than you know!

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  1. Asanebo for great sashimi.

    Cozy's for great Jazz

    Bistro Garden or Mistral for atmosphere.

    Gochi for Japanese do it yourself bbq (or Gyu kaku..I prefer gochi)

    Killer Shrimp for a massive bowl of yummy shrimp a big thing of bread and yummy broth.

    Great Greek for a greek feast and dancing with the greek guys.

    Of course, there are great places off of Ventura Blvd..and hip doesn't always mean good.

    1. I like Firefly a lot (though perhaps not when it is so hot.) It is a lovely restaurant with a beautiful patio, great bar and very good food.

      1. Go to Max for the best, non-sushi experience on the boulevard, and request one of the two tables along the windows, but not the banquette. You will not feel squished, if you mean that due to having been seated on the banquette previously. The patio is fine, yet until that day, you will not realize how warm it might be.
        Minibar is being sold, and of your two in question, stick with Firefly.
        Mistral is a more expensive dinner, yet it is always good for celebrations, as is Bistro Gardens, even though more appropriate for your parents to celebrate their birthdays.

        1. This is great advice - thank you all for your help!

          1. i just went to mini bar for the first time last week and i'd recommend firefly. comparatively speaking fire fly is notches above mini bar with food, ambience, and drinks. i felt like i was at high school at mini bar and food there is, meh at best. but i do agree that when it's a bit cooler fire fly is best sat outside on the patio.

            then again, it also depends...if you're in your early twenties mini bar will probably be a better choice.