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Jul 26, 2006 08:11 PM

Little Home Vietnam......

Little Home Vietnam on Damen right by the Brown Line stop had this dish that I haven't been able to find anywhere - and now that LHV is gone, I dunno if I ever will... But its a beef spring roll, with the clear rice paper and inside the beef was in big strips and it was red, not from being rare, but I dunno how they cook it, but its red, and has charred bits on it and peanuts, and also inside the roll is cucumber, sprouts, mint, and carrots. So so so so so good, but I've never seen it on a menu anywhere. Does anyone know what this dish is called?

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  1. You are likely looking for Goi Cuon Bo Nuong, or "grilled beef spring rolls." For this item, the beef is first marinated in a sweet & savoury sauce before it is cooked.

    You will find a very good version at Pho 888, on Argyle.

    Pho 888
    1137 W. Argyle


    1. Hey, thanks so much. I only get to Chicago a few times a year to visit family, but I'll check it out next month. I live in NY, so I'll have to try to find some place here that serves it. Thanks again.