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Tasty wedding cakes

As someone who enjoys dessert as much as me - it's such a shame (it's gross actually) to take a bite of a beautiful wedding cake and find it tastes like paste! Having said that, any recommendations for wedding cakes (or other creative desserts) that look nice and taste "phenonmenal"?

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  1. Shirley Sweet Creations www.shirleysweetcreations.com

    AMAZING work and so very tasty. She is former pasty chef at Windsor Arms Hotel, and is actually very reasonably priced. Try the double chocolate mousse cake, heavenly!

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      Yup, Shirley is amazing! She did our wedding cake and we were so pleased with it! It was beautiful and tasted great...we had guests sneaking seconds! I can't recommend her enough!

    2. Hmmm after looking at Shirley's web page I was thinking I should have gone there for my wedding. However I was quite satistfied with the place I went to (except that I couldn't eat the whole cake for myself ;) It's Dufflet: www.dufflet.com. There is another place close by called Red Tea Box, but I'm not entirely sure if they do wedding cakes. I presume they do because they always have a display of a wedding-sized cake in their front window. I could not find a web site for them but here is their other particulars: 416-203-8882, 696 Queen St West.

      Oh now I want a yummy cake...

      1. Lovely cake from Dufflet at a wedding I attended recently.

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          I was happy with my duflet's cake, although normally i think they're already too ubiquitous to bother recommending them on the board. But they will do whatever size you want, and each layer can be a different flavour including their yummy carrot cake. I made a trek out of my way to see another baker recommended on this board a couple of years ago - his cakes are yummy and beautiful but I found they had a bit of a princess attitude about the whole thing - arguing with us about the size and type of cake I wanted. I was happy to "settle" for the professionalism of dufflets.

        2. Fabian's cafe (876 Markham Road) made ours and everybody raved about them (we actually had two as my tradition was fruitcake and AmuseGirl's was carrot cake - they looked identical).
          This is a German style baker - as apposed to most others recommended so far, which are French-style (more cream and sponge).
          As for price - you can't beat Fabian! And there are many pictures on the wall of what he does.

          1. Yes Dufflet makes a great wedding cake. I think Red Tea Box makes them too...Also, check out Sen5es. They make fantastic cakes and very nicely decorated. www.mishsplayground.com

            1. The Cake Lady makes a good looking and good tasting cake:


              She did my wedding and some of my friends weddings as well.

              1. We had a Dufflet cake at our wedding 4 years ago, and it was nummy. But if I was doing it all over, I'd do tiers of cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe (on Yonge n. of Eglinton). They're beautiful, and you could do a variety of flavours (and trust me, they're all good!). It's a bit more unusual, but I think price-wise, you'll find it more reasonable than a full-sized wedding cake.

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                  the 'pretty in pink' and 'james brown' are my favs!

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                    I disagree...the Cupcake Shoppe cupcakes are really not very good (in comparison to others, like Shirleys). They are heavy on oil and not butter for the "buttercream" icing, and not as flavourful as others I'd had. They taste similar to those mini cupcakes available in the plastic packaging at Loblaws.

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                      Ah, see...I love the mini cupcakes from Loblaws. I guess that discredits my taste in cakes! :)

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                        I have never had Shirley's...please do tell me where it is. You see, I like CS better than Dufflet's cupcakes...I haven't really had any other's except those.

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                          Sorry Sweet Pea...don't mean to discredit tastes! I'm partial to Twinkies, so I'm probably worth "discrediting" myself!

                          Shirley's is available by appointment only. Her website has all the details, and she will come to you (bringing cake samples a-plenty)

                  2. Our personal favorite is Sweet Gallery. Definitely NOT paste!!

                    La Rocca is pretty good too.

                    1. Does La Rocca do wedding cakes??? I LOVE their almond meringe (sp?) crunch!

                      1. Mmm...and La Rocca's strawberry lemon charlotte. Yum! Never had Shirley's, but it sounds like I'm missing out.