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Jul 26, 2006 07:53 PM

Best Sports bar - Silicon Valley

I will be visiting during the season and I need a place to watch my Cowboys on a Sunday afternoon (your morning, I guess)

San Jose would be goog, but willing to drive to the best sports bar in the area.


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  1. My friends go to this place called the Blue Bonnet in Sunnyvale. It's not the nicest place, but they do have DirecTV NFL Ticket. If you get there early enough, you can request what games you want on the TV(s) nearest you. Also, they have bbq available to patrons and they just ask you donate to the tip jar.

    For a place w/ nicer ambience, there's always Dave & Buster's in Milpitas.

    I'm not sure if St. John's (burger joint in Sunnyvale) is open on Sundays.

    1. The Old Pro in Palo Alto, the Garrett in Campbell, or Double D's in Los Gatos. Both are pretty nice places for sports bars. If you want down and dirty, Blue Bonnet or Jersey's Cheesesteaks in Campbell.

      There's a new place in downtown San Jo called Scores Sports Bar that has "babes, beers and sports." I've never been and haven't talked to anyone who has.

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        Thanks guys, I will check some of them out

        Hey kc72 are you from Kansas City?

        I am originally from there.