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Jul 26, 2006 07:47 PM

Vietnamese Sandwiches

I've been hearing wonders about these Vietnamese Sandwiches but have never had one. Would someone be so kind as to tell me what exactly they are, and where to get them?


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  1. They are like mini subs with deli meat, pickled vegetables and secret (yummy) sauce that go for less than $2. You can find them in Chinatown at many Vietnamese deli counters or at major Chinese supermarkets (T&T).

    1. Hmmm... for some reason I remember the sauce being mayo and fish sauce.
      I find the deli meats in it to be a little odd looking, but the sandwich still tastes great! What really makes it good is the fresh cilantro they put in.. yum.

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      1. re: jayseeca

        I agree about the cilantro and lately I've been requesting extra on my Banh Mi sandwich. There is something so delectable about the crusty fresh roll, pickled daikon and carrot, whatever sauce it is, fresh cilantro and then the meat ( and not TONS of it like American sandwiches). We're so fortunate here in SW FL to have a new Vietnamese restaurant recently open.

        1. re: Val

          Oh yeah, it's all good. The 'sauce' is a mixture of pate and mayo, to the best of my knowledge. That's the French influence in Viet Nam, along with the great bread.

      2. Viet sandwich shops are all over Chinatown. Many along Spadina.
        One of my favourites is Roses cafe, but this is in the small Chinatwon @ Broadview/Gerrard. Wonderful place.

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        1. re: Debinko

          What do I have to do to get mayo and chilis on a Roses' sub? I have started going to the bakery across the street instead.

          1. re: julesrules

            Rose Cafe puts the mayo/pate mixture on a regular banh mi. I'm sure of it

            1. re: Yongeman

              I always thought the pate was just pate. And then there is mayo, or should be. Anyway I guess I don't like their sandwiches and they seemed disinterested when I tried to ask for chilis. But we can agree that banh mi is a delicious thing. I happen to like the ones at the bakery across the street if anyone wants to do a taste-off!

              1. re: julesrules

                julesrules, where exactly is the bakery across the street and what is it named? I was going to try it on Sunday but the only thing I saw were little grocery shops. I went back to Rose's cafe instead, but am willing to try the banh mi at other places.

                1. re: sierramum

                  It might be down (south) the street a little ways. It's a chinese-style bakery where you help yourself to buns onto cafeteria trays. I think it has a red sign with gold lettering - BUT I could be imagining that. I don't know when I will be down that way next to post the actual correct info but I will try.

                  1. re: julesrules

                    I found the bakery today. It's called Tung Hing Bakery and it's on the east side of Broadview, just north of Rose's Cafe. I ordered the assorted banh mi ($2) and have to say that I was very disappointed. I didn't really like the bread they use; I didn't really like the roast pork in it; extra coriander wasn't "extra" IMO; I SAW her put the chiles in when I asked for spicy but I couldn't taste any of it or even get a sense of spicy at all; and I'm not sure if there was pate in it or not.

                    But thanks for the recommendation at least, jules. I'm always open to trying out how different locations present their foods. For now, however, I'm happy to stick with Rose's (where I bought 5 banh mi today!).

                    1. re: sierramum

                      How odd, most of what you describe is how I would describe Rose's - lack of spice and pate for example! I do usually get the extra meat sub for $2.50 I think. Well thanks for trying it out anyway.

            2. re: julesrules

              Rose's always has chilis. Just ask. I've been going there about 6 years and never had a problem. They probably leave it off unless you ask because some people can't take the spice. I didn't know the mayo was mixed in with the pate. That wasn't my impression. They don't put pate on all the varieties at Rose's, so again just ask. I find Rose's the best banh my in Chinatown East.

            3. re: Debinko

              Anyone know how late Roses is open? I am not in the area often and if I am its usually 10:30-11pm

              1. re: Debinko

                Meat ball bahn mi at Rose's is great, too! Also had one of their dumplings with meat, sausage sliver and egg in the centre, from the glass case at the bottom..reheated and went well with my morning coffee!

              2. Here's a decent review of a few banh mi places around Toronto:


                1. Sadly, my favourite, Co Yen, is no more. They had this Buddha sub that was the BEST -- wheat gluten (yeah, I know -- but wait, t gets better) with garlic, lemongrass and chili. It was amazing. Ohhh, I can almost taste it now...

                  ...does anyone know a place that has anything like Co Yen's Buddha sub?

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                  1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

                    Co Yen was also my favourite, but my new fave is Rose Cafe on Broadview. I never have a banh mi any way except for a standard, spicy one. I don't mess with the fillings.

                    1. re: Yongeman

                      Yongeman turned me onto this delicious little treat. I loved it. Listen to what the man says.


                    2. re: TwinklyTerrapin

                      No need to apologize with regards to wheat gluten, I personally like it.