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I'VE BEEN A GOOD GIRL! Where should I cash in my reward?

A friend of mine is coming into town on Saturday to take me to dinner! He wants to go some where fancy, and told me to choose. I'd like to go to a nicer restaurant (any location in Manhattan, any style of food) that's not terribly expensive (a la Per Se or Masa.) I've recently been to Eleven Madison, which I love, and to Tabla, so they're out. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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  1. Hmmm, sounds fun. How about Grammercy Tavern or Jean Georges? Both are excellent. Or maybe Daniel?

    1. Bouley?? L'Impero? Perry Street (and then enjoy the West Village pre/post dinner)? try opentable.com and search for Sat night on the higher price sort.

      1. i second GT - you could sit in the loungey area up front. and even though it's not super popular on this board, i had a great time at daniel.

        i'd also suggest babbo - i think they reserve some tables for walkins - and blue hill.

        1. Looking at opentable for 2 for saturday night, you've got some good choices. For a reasonable dinner time you've got Cru, Danube, Devi, and Tocqueville and a bunch of other places. If you're willing to go early you've got some other choices including Le Bernardin and Aureole.

          1. I can't say enough good things about Cru. Particularly the chef's tasting menu. I think it's a little less expensive than Le Bernardin (which is also quite yummy!). Enjoy!


            1. Aureole is great. I love it there; they have a cozy, upscale atmosphere and the service is superb and obviously the food is excellent.

              Babbo is good too. Try their pastas - it's sublime.

              Other spots (that have been mentioned earlier): Le Bernardin, Bouley, Gramercy Tavern, Perry St., and Daniel.

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                I agree about Aureole. Also would recommend Bouley and Danube.

              2. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions! Any thoughts on Annisa or Spice Market?

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                  I wouldn't eat at Spice Market. If you really want to go there, stop in for drinks.

                  I would pick Bouley or Cru for dinner.

                2. Annisa is far more enjoyable than Spice Market. Annisa is small, intimate, and the food is excellent. Spice Market is a huge scene and really more of a factory...Annisa is a great choice-

                  1. I suggest WD-50 in the LES. It looks like a hole in the wall from the outside but the food is fantastic.

                    1. I just went to Gotham and loved it. Grammercy Tavern is great too.

                      1. For the next four weeks, getting reservations at NY's finest is not altogether impossible.

                        So you can look forward to a fun night, at some great spot. I love Annisa. It's small and cosy. The food can be a bit uneven, but it is never ever bad. And the service is impeccable, from the moment you step in the door until you leave.

                        Bouley is a fantastic place, lovely room, great food. And although there have been some contra opinions here recently, Danube, Bouley's sister restaurant around the corner, is one of my favs downtown.

                        Every good girl deserves fun!

                        - Sean

                        1. Damn straight, Sean.

                          And in case anyone's wondering...Cru it is!