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Jul 26, 2006 07:16 PM

Bodega Bay seafood -- buying from the boats?

Hello, all -- Heading up to Bodega Bay this weekend, and wanted to know if one can buy fish and seafood directly from the boats? What is the etiquette, when is the best time, and how are the salmon this season?

Also, any other recs for produce, meats and seafood in the area would be appreciated.

Cheers, and thanks!

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  1. When I lived in Sonoma County..used to drive there and buy stuff off the boats. I bought crab alot that way. The phone number at the marina there is 707-875-2354. They could tell you more about it.

    The little cafe, Sandpiper, right there on the marina has great food. Drive thru Bodega and you'll see a sign for the'll turn left.

    Also..there is a Pelican Plaza Deli. Never stopped there.

    You can buy fish at The Tides and at Lucas least when I lived around there. I was not impressed with the food at The Tides..or the service. The view is great have a glass of wine and some raw oysters!

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      Have you been back to Sandpiper since it changed hands about a year ago?

      Pacific West Seafood, Bodega Bay post -

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        No...I hope the food is as good as it used to be. Dave and I are considering a trip to the coast in Sept (Bodega Bay). I think it is the best weather for the beach at that time of year.

        By the way...loved your post on Bodega Bay and the wine tasting. I used to live near Occidental and always shopped in Sebastopol. I miss that area so much.

        The drive from Occidental to the coast (on Coleman Valley Road) is absolutely gorgeous. It is well worth doing. There are a couple of stores in Occidental that have really great wines.

    2. I have been to Sandpiper recently and I have gone there on and off for years (usually out of desperation) and I am hard pressed to figure out how someone could say that they have "great food". The food is really mediocre, even the huge plates of deep fried fish which is what they specialize in. I had the scallops there and I still cannot get that horrible taste out of my mind, similar to what poison must taste like. Also, the service there is extremely inattentive. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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      1. re: Sharon S

        Went to Sandpiper shortly after it opened long ago...lousy. I am surprised they are still open. Never went back so can't say it improved. Seaweed sounds good, tho.

      2. Hey...we had a great meal there. We had the seafood stew and it was very good. This was a few years ago. The service was very good as well.

        I had friends who would drive to Bodega just to eat there.

        One chowhounds great place is another's crappola plate I guess.

        1. Thanks for all of the jewels of information, everyone!

          1. Imjann, what did you find out about buying salmon "from the boats"? The local GG fish have gone elsewhere and word has it that the schools and comercial boats are 30 miles or more above Bodega and that the stick boats will be unloading in Bodega.

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            1. re: TomG

              Sorry I didn't get your query 'til now, Tom -- we were there literally the first weekend of the catch, so none of the boats were back! It's a tough time for those fisherman. (*Sigh)