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Jul 26, 2006 07:10 PM

Two New Restaurants in Leesburg

Has anyone else been to either Jasmine or Tim Tup Thai in Leesburg yet?

Jasmine in Tuscarora Mills in Leesburg openned up a few weeks ago. It is in the same complex as Tuskies and occupies the space where Scoops Ice Cream and Bar was. (I know that Ice Cream and Beer sound like an odd mix, but looking around on a Friday night at the stressed out thirtysomething parents with their kids, the former with beers and the latter with cones, it made perfect sense. If only they would have stayed open later every night of the week.)

I have only been once so far, so I am withholding a complete review, however, the great news is that it has outdoor dining at night! Other than the Eiffel Tower, I don't think another dining establishment is open at night in Leesburg where you can get dinner and a drink.

The second place is Tim Tup Thai. This is the second location. Again, I have only eaten there a couple of times. I accidently found it open on its first day. The food and service were very good on that day because there were only two other tables. On other nights I have found the kitchen and wait staff so overwhelmed that my grilled shrimp came out raw and main courses took almost an hour to arrive at our table. I am hoping that it was just a case of underestimating the demand for thai food in Leesburg.

Anyone else been to these places?

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  1. Is it the same Jasmine as Lake Anne in Reston?

    1. NB: I believe the Thai joint is called Tup Tim Thai, not Tim Tup Thai, in case anyone is having trouble finding it. I haven't tried it yet.

      Also, this is the second branch. The original is in Sterling. Must be doing pretty well.

      They have a Web site at

      1. We recently ate at tuptimthai. Don't waste your time or money. The service was terrible. The food unpalatable. I ordered a duck dish -- and it was stale is the best thing I can say about it. My husband order the Pad Thai and that was dry. To top our evening off ... we ordered coffee and received a $3 cup of instant coffee complete with sugar packets that had obviously been wet since the sugar was not in granules. I highly discourage anyone from attempting this restaurant.

        1. Thanks for the warning.

          I didn't say anything because I haven't eaten at this place, but the pictures of dishes on the restaurant's Web site struck me as quite gross -- unpalatable would be kind. Thanks for letting us know that the pictures are accurate.