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Jul 26, 2006 07:09 PM

Corridor Wines on 198

I've seen several posts on various message boards listing Corridor Wines as place to *avoid* when purchasing wine. I have to admit that this baffles me a bit. I've done some price comparisons, and for stuff under $75 a bottle they seem pretty competitive with other stores in the area (and they are consistently cheaper than such well known establishments as McArthurs and Bin604). Granted they don't have a huge selection at the upper end, and I don't see a lot of cult wines, but they seem to have some decent selections at all price ranges.

Am I missing something? Are the wines cooked? Are the employees beaten with sticks to make them pleasant?

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  1. It is part of the Total Wine empire. You can do better, and get more honest and helpful advice at other wine shops (IMHO only.) True, if you know what you want, and they have it, it is not a badly priced option. However, it is mainly a bulk production sales point and is not the place to go to look for interesting, or small production wines. For the casual wine buyer, it is fine, for the wine geek, a no-no.

    1. Everything about them makes one think they're related to Total Wine, but when I asked the manager, he said they weren't. Also, their advertisements are identical, but never overlapping. Corridor is never mentioned in TW's advertisements and vice versa.