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Jul 26, 2006 07:04 PM

UES Saigon Grill Closed for "Renovations"!??!

My roommate and I are devoted customers of the Saigon Grill @ 88th/2nd, each getting delivery at least once a week. Apparently, they're now closed for renovations, and they expect the process to be measured in months, not weeks. Their sister restaurant on the UWS won't deliver to the East Side, and I have yet to find a suitable Southeast Asian cuisine delivery alternative that matches Saigon Grill in taste (let alone cost). I'm Malaysian and will be more than happy to fill that gaping hole with Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, or what have you.

Looking for a place that will deliver all the way up to 96th. Help!

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  1. Oh nooooooooo, for how long?

    1. Miss Saigon could be a good substitute for you they are located on 3rd between 80th and 81st streets. I've order their takeout and it's pretty good!

      1. I'll be very surprised if Saigon Grill on East 88th St. actually opens again. We were there about a month ago and my husband mentioned to the cashier that he was looking forward to the the opening on University Place. She told him they'd probably be closing the 88th St. location once the downtown place opened.

        1. Hmm ... I was afraid that it was a typical "New York-style" renovation (i.e. closing). Hasn't the University Place location been "about to open" for months itself?

          Fingers crossed for the UES location. I know they're in a prime corner lot, but I've got to think they make some serious bank with their constant flow of customers.

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            The University Place location is in fact open, although it seems not many people are aware as it's been largely empty both times I went. Nice new digs though...

          2. I have calculated in my head based on a conservative average check while I've been eating there, and they are making some serious money.

            I live nearby too, and it's been closed already for a few weeks now. I don't know why they say closed for renovations when none are being done, and if they are really going to close. It's very upsetting!

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            1. re: Bugsey34

              Looks like they are permanently closed. So sad :(