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Jul 26, 2006 07:00 PM

36 Hours in Montreal

My lovely girlfriend and I will be travelling to Montreal soon for a brief day and a half trip. So I'm wondering what wisdom fellow chowhounders have to offer regarding great places to eat in the city. Recommendations for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are all wanted. Plus any specific recommendations for Poutine and Bistros and any other specialties of Montreal would be greatly appreciated. Our one caveat is nothing too super pricey...but everything else is fair game. Thanks. :)

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  1. Depends where you are staying, and whether you have access to a car.
    Poutine-orange julep on Decarie (corner pare)-difficult to miss as its a giant orange!

    Breakfast - L'Avenue on Mount Royal. On a weekend there are often lineups so prepare for a wait if you are in town on a weekend.

    Dinner :
    Brunoise (Plateau area)
    LeMeac (after 10pm they have a $20 menu)
    Holder (old montreal)-Bistro

    Very reasonable:
    Schwartz's-Smoked meat on Saint Laurent blvd
    Jano-Portugese on Saint Laurent Blvd

    1. Breakfast : in the Plateau area, le Réservoir for innovative brunch or Café Byblos for affordable iranian food in a charming neighboorhood restaurant. Old Port : Olive & Gourmando if you're there on saturday as it's closed on sunday.

      Poutine : Most definitely la Banquise on Rachel between St-Hubert and Christophe-Colomb.

      Bistro : You could try Au Pied de Cochon but stick with the mains or it'll run the bill pretty high. Au Petit Extra ( is a not to miss and prices are decent. Le Continental on St-Denis is also good. If price is an issue, I'd stay away from Brunoise as it'll run you up around $100 before wine.