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Jul 26, 2006 06:53 PM

Restaurant Suggestions in SF/BErkeley/Oakland

Alright, my sisers are in town and we were planning on having a nice dinner together(casual attire). I need some restaurant suggestions because they have unque tastes. The general restrictions are below to help you narrow down your suggestions. Thanks in adavance.

1) Must have vegan options
2) Must not be Spicy
3) cost $50/per person max (alcohol not included)
5) Parking isn't too bad
6) MEat Options as well

I've considered Minako . What else is out there?

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  1. Try Herbivore

    It's all vegan..I'm a meat eater & I found the menu to be extensive enough that I found something I liked.
    They have 2 locations in SF.

    1. Saha
      1075 Sutter Street

      Its one of my favorite restaurants. Every vegan I've taken there has raved about it but there's plenty of vegetarian and omnivore options.

      Every out of town guest I've taken has really enjoyed the nice white tablecloth comfy atmosphere. Its also very affordable and lovely food - they have a 3 course, fixed price option for $30 which I think is a good deal for what you get.

      They have valet parking some hours as well as a parking lot across the street.

      Note: I love Minako and I like Herbivore okay but would not consider either place option if I wanted a pampering or "nice dinner out" experience. Minako is in a crappy neighborhood and service can be painfully slow. Not only does Herbivore not met your criteria since they don't have any meat options, its just a casual cafe that's more of a "too lazy to cook" place.

      1. Firefly in San Francisco would seem to meet your requirements and always has one vegan option. The website menu is updated regularly and is usually current, so you can look at and see whether it is to your taste. If you go on Sunday-Thursday, they have a very good prix fixe deal -- see the menu for details. Their food is delicious!