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Jul 26, 2006 06:37 PM

lunch in Bar Harbor Maine?

Can anyone recommend a nice place for saturday lunch in Bar Harbor? thanks in advance.

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  1. Casual? Fancy? Any monetary restrictions?

    1. No monetary restrictions, and fancy is fine. I've read thru some previous posts and many people seem to like George's, but URL seems to be inoperative.

      If anyone has any non-lobster suggestions those would be particularly welcome, as we are going to a lobster bake friday night!

      thanks again.

      1. That helps!

        George's is nice- somewhat eclectic cuisine, fairly pricey. Small intimate setting.

        My personal favorite is Galyn's on Main Street.

        If you want a nice outdoor scene on Main Street, try the Parkside just across from the Village Green.

        Enjoy! Let us know where you ended up.

        1. I can second the recommendation of Galyn's; we were there last weekend for lunch, and everything from a lobster to grilled salmon sandwich to dessert was excellent. Good service and a pleasant room, too. You might also consider Seasons, just off the square. We had an excellent dinner there, but the lunch menu looked just as good. The chef had been at Havana, mentioned on this board as one of the best, but is at Seasons this year cooking similar Latin-influenced dishes but at a lower cost.

          1. We did end up enjoying lunch at Galyn's, thanks to all the recommendations here. I had crabmeat salad, which totally satisfied my cravings, and my DH had lobster roll, which he found tasty but a bit skimpy.

            We got caught in a thunderstorm en route from Boston friday evening so we missed the lobster bake. So instead we had a late dinner at Havana, and that's really the big story here. My purple potato soup and veggie tamale were quite good, but DH hit the jackpot when he ordered the buffalo steak special. He's still raving about the tenderness and complex marinade 3 days later. We also had perfectly tart cocktails and an excellent, not-overly-marked-up bottle of wine.

            Other diners were heard oohing and aahing over the pork chops.

            And fyi, the much touted George's appears to have closed down.