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BBQ or bake chicken thighs?

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I've marinated chicken thighs in a garlic and herb marinade overnight, and would like opinions as to whether it would be better to BBQ them or bake them in the oven. Thanks!

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  1. BBQ, its hot out so why use an oven when you can use the grill?

    1. grilling would be great for this type of marinade I have done this myself an dspeak from experience

      1. Unless it's pouring rain (which it is here), grill them!

        1. Grill 'em. Thighs can take a bit of bbq abuse without drying up.

          1. I'll join the chorus here...grilled chicken thighs are the best because they stay moist!

              1. grilled thighs are the best. stay close as they have lots of fat and will flare up quickly.