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Jul 26, 2006 05:36 PM

After 9pm, DEN to Colorado Springs?

I'm flying into Denver tonight around 9pm and driving to Colorado Springs. Anything tasty available anywhere along that route at that hour?

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  1. I made that drive about a month ago and didn't notice towns or restaurants along the way (although I was late for a conference). I think The Fort is on the way, not too far south of Denver. It's a game place on a par with The Buckhorn Exchange and one other whose name escapes me.

    The drive btw, is a fast one. I think I made it in 45 minutes. If you can hold out, I would wait until you hit Colorado Springs. I can recommend El Tesoro, which is right off the freeway behind the Antler's Hilton. They serve New Mexican style Mexican food, e.g. green chili and very piquant sauces.

    I posted for recs before I left and no one mentioned any place between the Denver and Colorado Springs, but then I specifically asked for places around those cities. Sorry, I can't be more specific, but I left my folder with all my menus and notes at home after I got my reimbursement check. If you go back on this list to early/mid June, you can find my posts and several others.

    1. I wouldn't exactly call The Fort on the way. You would certainly have to go about 1/2 hour out of the way just to get there. Not sure what good restaurants you'll find open along the way at that hour. Good luck!

      1. Old Chicago just off the freeway in Colorado Springs was open till midnight. Passable pizza, great beer for cheap (second happy hour after 10pm).

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          Glad you found something edible. I checked my trip menus last night and El Tesoro closes at 9.

        2. Check out Mezcal on East Colfax. Fairly near the airport, and then a short cruise down Colfax to get to I-25S for the Springs. Central Mex fare, kitchen open way late.