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Jul 26, 2006 05:34 PM

Zen Zoo - PK's Review

Zen Zoo Tea Cafe - Hollywood
1517 N. Vine Street
Hollywood, CA
7.24.06 - Monday, 12:30 PM
Myself myself confound

You guys know this place, right? it's a small space across from The Hungry Cat. I never hit it because I'm, um, always going to The Hungry Cat:) But in need of a quick lunch fix in the area on Monday, I gave it a shot.

Overall, I would have to say no. Stuff was just so-so, mediocre. Small menu, too. Now, to be fair, I didn't drink the famous teas - their especiality. So perhaps for a beverage, I'd return for another go. But for dumplings and salad and soup? Not so much.


Ambiance - C
Service - C
Food (Taste) - C+
Food (Presentation) - C-
Wine/Drinks - B
Value - B+
Overall Experience - C+

For all the news that's fit to print -

Ciao, 'Hounds!

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  1. Yikes! Bummer you didn't care for tea during that trip -- their teas are really good (and actually, I'd hop over there for drinks when I don't care for anything alcoholic @ the Hungry Cat). The Barley "Espresso" is a good alternative to coffees.

    As for the food -- I agree the dim sum is nothing to go wow about (the only advantage i see is the combo platter where you get one of everything, good if dining solo.) I do enjoy the citrus chicken and black pepper beef plates though.

    Hopefully you'll have time to re-evaluate (at least for the drinks) next time you're there!

    1. Probably the worst dim sum in town. (Actually I'm being polite.)