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Jul 26, 2006 05:34 PM

Red hook soccer fields/fairway

I am interested in going to the Red Hook soccer fields and fairway on a Saturday. How do get to these two places via public transportation from Park Slope or Ditmas Park? Thanks! Also if you happen to know the hours the food is at the soccer fields that would be helpful!

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  1. Here's a good resource for travel info if using NYC MTA. Use "Clinton Street and Bay Street" as your 'Destination Address' for the Red Hook Ball fields. Be sure to change the borough/city to BROOKLYN. Also, recognize that you have the option of specifying your MODE of transport, i.e., bus, subway, subway & bus combo, etc.


    I don't know where you are in the Slope, but I picked "7th Ave and 7th Street" randomly.
    I get the following result: F train to the B77 bus to Red Hook.

    or Bus only: and get, B75 bus only.

    You'll figure it out. Have fun at both places...!

    1. Ballfields food stands are open from lunch time to early evening on weekends.


      1. Not sure where you are in the Slope, but you should not rule out walking! I think that it is 14th street that is the most direct route, you walk alongside Hamilton and cross the drawbridge. You can also walk through the Lowes parking lot.
        Or you can get the 77 bus which takes you right where you want to go.

        1. This won't work for Fairway, but if you're just going to the Soccer Fields, take the F or G train to Smith/9th. Walk one block west to Court Street, turn right, and walk about three blocks south to Bay Street, and they're right there.

          1. Whoops, that should be turn left. Sorry.