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Lee's Sandwiches

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No.. not the sandwich shop that you see all over downtown SF, but the multi-chain Bahn Mi (Vietnamese) sandwich shop in the South Bay and Southern California will soon have a location in San Francisco at 625 Larkin St near all of the other Vietnamese eats.

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  1. Too bad they aren't going to open one in downtown SF... but then again, their bahn mi isn't the greatest.

    1. I missed it the first time so I'm happy the OP reposted...

      1. They've been trying to open one in Hayward for almost 2 years now and it is still under construction... sigh.

        1. Bun Mi !!!! man I love those things... I miss the 3 sandwiches for 2 bucks deal one could get on Magnolia down in Little Saigon (Westminister)...heck I'd drive down from UCLA near irvine just for those sandwiches!!

          can't wait.

          Anyone have good Bun Mi in the east bay?? I had a decent one in the downtown of oakland (9th and webster) but how about in berkeley or elsewhere in oakland???

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            9th and Webster.. you probably went to Cam Huong. There's also BC Deli on Franklin between 8th and 9th.

            Not aware of any in Berkeley, but a little further north in El Cerrito, there's Banh Mi Ba Le located on San Pablo Ave just north of Central Ave in the Peppermint Plaza.

          2. Sierra Deli on Madison an 3rd in the warehouse district in Oakland right next to Jack London Square. It is a small deli-mart run by a Vietnamese family and I just had my first Bahn Mi from there and I AM HOOKED! They are mainly a regular deli-mart (BLTs, Chicken Salad, prepared salads, yogurt, milk, etc), but if you look on their Daily Special menu, they have Bahn Mi.

            1. i've eaten at the so cal locations several times - not really that great. kind of the subway of bahn mi. no big loss.