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Dallas List Needed - Between DFW and Downtown

I will be travelling frequently to Dallas starting immediately. I'm feeling lazy, so would like to hear a few suggestions on favorite spots between the airport and downtown from fellow 'hounds. I could peruse the borad, but as I said, I'm feeling lazy....

I eat anything which is well prepared. Cost in not a barrier. I am travelling on business, so not looking for anything romantic, just good chow.

Anyone have a good, short list?


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  1. Although it may not be directly on your path, I'd suggest you not miss Iris: www.irisdallas.net

    I would also be sure to be here during Restaurant Week :) Another good choice would be Il Sole.

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    1. H.H., As a die-hard Chowhound, I do not believe in franchise food. Given that, the Del Frisco's Steakhouses in Dallas are amazingly good. I live in the Pacific Northwest. The same quality of steak dinner here would cost 4 times as much. (We may have great salmon, but we don't get good beef--unless we pay a dear price for it.) Since it appears that no one cooks at home in Dallas, there are plenty of dining options and Del Frisco's should be high on your list.

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        The OP asked for recs between the airport and downtown Dallas. Del Frisco's is in far north Dallas.

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          Yah, you hounds, c'mon. I need a list, or will have to go foraging through this board, and I am a lazy so and so. Spoon feed, please

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            Between the airport and downtown is pretty much a restaurant wasteland and that maybe why you haven't gotten any replies. You're going to be better off looking for downtown recs.

        2. Try Guidelive, which allows you to search by neighborhood. If you are too lazy to search Chowhound, I am not going to spoon feed it to you. Sorry.


          1. I have a short list for downtown, but in the downtown/uptown areas:

            Mia's (4322 Lemmon Ave...best tex-mex ever... Manny's is a close 2nd, same owner)
            Capital Grill (500 Crescent Court...I know, I know, it's a chain, but the Porterhouse is incredible... I think beef is better in Texas)
            Stoneleigh Hotel (2927 Maple Ave... great breakfast)

            If you want other recs, you will have to be unlazy and venture out a little more....

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              I am inspired! Thank you for the little feeding, and I will forage through the site with renewed interest.


            2. I'm afraid I must agree; unfortunately, there are no good finds along the stretch of road that leads from DFW to downtown. Now, if you're willing to take a short detour into Oak Lawn, the neighborhood that the real estate establishment renamed Uptown several years back and which is just north of downtown, you will find some neighborhood gems. My favorite is Parigi, a small but toney place on Oak Lawn Ave by Cedar Springs with an innovative menu that changes every two weeks. Up the road on Oak Lawn is La Duni, a Nuevo Latino spot that never disappoints. I agree with another poster that Mia's and Manny's (both on Lemmon, albeit several blocks apart) are two of the best Tex Mex spots in town. Be sure to hit Manny's patio on a pleasant evening (maybe by October) for a festive Tex Mex happy hour vibe. If you like Vegetarian Indian, Cosmic Cafe on Oak Lawn by Cedar Springs serves up a wonderful bowl of Dal and other healthy treats in a funky, somewhat hippified atmosphere, which is hard to find in Dallas. If you're a carnivore, some of the best steaks in a town that loves its steak joints can be found at Bob's Chop House on Lemmon. Dallas is fickle about food, with the latest "hot spots" rotating in and out of business all the time, but these local standbys have withstood the test of time (with the exception of newbie Manny's, which I include on the list because it is an offshoot of Mia's, a local institution).

              There are other good, upscale options to be found in the West Village complex on Lemmon, including Mi Cocina (a local and very popular Tex Mex chain), Taco Diner, and Ferre, to name a few. And Steel (in the Centrum Building) is a decent option if you're looking for Pan-Asian or sushi, although the original sushi chef opened his own place--Fuji Steak House--a few years back in North Dallas (I think Fuji has the best sushi in town, bar none, but that's a bit of a trek for you from downtown).

              Finally--and I'll probably get reamed for this by other Chow Hounders--by I personally love Uncle Julio's on Lemmon. Steer clear of the typical Tex Mex plates and try the fajitas, shrimp dishes, or ribs (or a combination of the above on the El Gordo platter). Rinse it all down with a Margarita Swirl. Yes, it's a chain, but nevertheless, Uncle J's is on my short list of personal favorites in Dallas.

              Hope these suggestions help.

              1. Uncle Julio's does have really good margartia's, though I've not been to the one on Lemmon recently.

                I'll second La Duni (either location) for breakfast or a mid-morning snack, or (Oak Lawn location) to lounge around the "mojito bar";

                Steel for inventive sushi, rolls, and martini cocktails;

                Bob's for a decent steak dinner, but see the earlier postings on here for "Best Steakhouses for Out-of-Towners" as for me, Nick & Sam's and Perry's top that list.


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                  But TexasToast, you said on that post that you really liked the big old' carrot they put on the plate. :)

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                    I did? Well, here's the thing. I'll eat it while I'm there, but you can't microwave the carrot.


                2. I was visting DFW recently and had some great meals:

                  I third La Duni -- holy !@#$%R that was delicious. A sandwich with zesty sausage on a popover was awesome.

                  Monica's Aca y Alla- downtown. Flavorful and unique cuisine. So cheap. My favorite in the city.

                  I could be way off on directions here but Cafe Istanbul in Inwood Village is delicious, Turkish (duh)

                  Desperado's on Lower Greenville has tasty fajitas and a killer margarita too.

                  J in DC

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                    The mention of Monica's reminded me of another of Monica Greene's restaurants, also on Oak Lawn: Cuidad. It's open for dinner only, I think. Really scrumptious, upscale Mexico City-style dining. Another good place with cafeteria-style ordering and seating is Cafe Zaguan on (where else?) Oak Lawn. It's a great place to catch a quick lunch. The owners are Venezuelan and Colombian and serve up authentic, tasty dishes from those countries along with fresh pastries and baked goods. I love their empanadas, arepas, and tamales (which are nothing like the Mexican kind--they are larger, wrapped in a banana leaf and stuffed with beef, olives, and veggies).

                  2. I also second the rec for Ciudad. It is there take on Mexico City cuisine and I've had some very good meals there although the service can be uneven when they get busy. Great margaritas and people watching.

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                      Who's the chef at Cuidad now that Joanne Bondy left?