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ISO of a fun place for lunch or dinner on a weekend on the UWS

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Am trying to organize an Upper West Side itinerary for either a Saturday or Sunday in August. Our first time there. Hope to combine it with a brief exploration of Central Park.

Mother/daughter trip.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Could you give a little more info, please? How far up are you willing to go? What's your budget? Any likes/dislikes/allergies/etc.?

    1. That was too general, wasn't it. Sorry.

      Lower UWS.
      American, new American, Latin, French. No allergies.
      Budget of $50 for both.

      The main objective is a fun place - a contrast to midtown where we will be spending a lot of the time. (Purpose for trip: Broadway shows.) I would like to get acquainted with the neighborhood.

      We could even go for a late breakfast, then stroll a bit in the park.

      Thanks for all suggestions!

      1. If you like bagels and lox and that type of thing you should definitely go to Barney Greengrass for breakfast or lunch. If not, Sarabeth's and Nice Matin are good options.

        I'm not sure if the budget is total of $50 or $50 each...celeste is excellent italian and very reasonable. Cafe con leche is cuban and a lot of fun.

        www.menupages.com should have most of these menus, and many others. Have a good trip!

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          Sarabeth's is on 80th and Amsterdam, and is very popular for brunch on weekends. It's a very cute place for a mother-daughter brunch but at peak hours it can get a bit loud and crazy (long wait times). Best to go either early (before 10) or later (the crowd thins out at around 2 p.m.). Enjoy :)

          1. Bettola (Amsterdam between 79th & 80th) opens at noon and has terrific individual thin-sliced pizzas. They are addictive. Salads are good too. Weather permitting, you can eat outside.

            1. in addition, take a look at some of these on menupages.com

              bouchon bakery
              10 columbus circle at 60t st

              359 columbus ave at 77th st

              big nick's
              2175 broadway at 77th st

              calle ocho
              446 columbus ave btwn 81st and 82nd

              popover cafe
              551 amsterdam ave at 86th st

              rosa mexicano
              61 columbus ave at 62nd st

              cafe frida
              268 columbus ave btwn 77th and 78th st

              cafe lalo
              201 w. 83rd btwn broadway and amsterdam

              good enough to eat
              483 amsterdam ave btwn 83rd and 84th

              1. Thanks to all. These sound delicious. Will investigate!

                1. Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions.

                  While all sounded great, Calle Ocho was the one that was the most appealing. I'm not even sure why --maybe the hispanophile in me......, so I have booked it for Sunday night at 7:00.

                  Thanks again. Any additional comments would be welcomed!