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So what's wrong with Voda Vodka Bar & Lounge?

A vodka bar serving 100 vodkas in prime Chowhound stomping ground ... Belden Place ... you would think it would get more than a few one line mentions.

What's wrong with the place? Anything good here?

I don't like Belden Place much, so I don't get over that way often. Worth a stop? I know vodka is the thing, but supposedly they have food too. Is it edible?

The website doesn't have more than the address and aspirations to be more.


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  1. there's nothing wrong with voda, in fact it's a pretty cool place if you have your own group. it is so small that it's one of those first come first enjoy spots.

    one of the few places that actually has ultimat. (matrix is another)

    if you're a vodka fan, you're going to have to try ultimat. smoothest vodka i've tried here. level is my usual vodka.

    1. I think the food service was stopped. Not 100% certain.
      I can check with them. I know the 2 in charge from when they were waiters at Bastille.

      Unfortunately they stopped being able to get hold of Zubrowka and Hangar One Raspberry - which were my 2 favourite reasons for going there.

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        What's the deal with Zubrowka? It was a standard item when my Dad used to buy it (New York in the 50's), then it disappeared--somebody told me the Feds had ruled the buffalo grass was a food, which made it non-importable for some reason, though this sounds like a myth. Then it reappeared--I've got a bottle about half full, and Russian Renaissance on Geary used to sell it a few years ago. Now it's gone again? Why?

      2. They have tables the size of a handkerchief. Sure, 4-5 people can fit around one of those wall-mounted tables, but only about two of you will be able to put your drink down.

        1. I find vodka insipid. That's what's wrong with the place from my perspective. I didn't notice a food menu. The drink menu is almost impossible to read with the extremely low and colored lighting provided. Others have told me about many episodes of exceedingly snooty service, but I didn't really encounter that.

          1. I love vodka, especially on a hot day, but Voda is more cool than fun.

            My understanding is they added the food service because they were getting in trouble for having drinks out in the street. Can't imagine they would have been all that inspired.

            1. since they closed down and reopened with no drinking on the street allowed, I think that is why they then stopped serving the food, probably about 6 months ago.

              1. I love Voda. They have some interesting cocktails. My favorite is Peach cooler, not too sweet. The Key Lime Pie is just like having a real pie, in a good way.

                It was about three months ago that i ordered some food there. You need to ask the servers for the menu. satay, seaweeds salad. my favorite item is the momos, the afghana dumplings. I think they have snacks food before 8pm.

                I asked, they are okay if you bring food in and eat there. and i did finish my leftover fries from Alfred's at Voda without anyone giving me a look. :P

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                  Thanks for the feed back and the tip about the momos. I love those. Seems odd for a vodka bar having an Afhani appetizer.